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Default Torn over decision...

I need some guidance and advice. My husband and I went to a dog show and received a great referral for a breeder whom we fell in love with her dogs. She just so happened to have a littler of 8 pups (some show quality, some pet). We have horse show experience and would like to delve into the show dog world. We already have a coach lined up and the affiliate club available to assist us with this new hobby.

Sounds great huh? The issue is we have a 9 year old Bulldog mix who is alpha but well trained. She loves to play hard with other dogs BUT away from "home." I worry about her jealousy factor and lack of patience with the new puppy. Also, over the past few years she has been plagued with aggressive mast cell tumors that we have under control but are not able to "cure" her. The cancer has not slowed her down one bit, yet.

We are going next week to pay the breeder a second visit and put down a deposit. I know if we can't keep him the breeder will take him back but I either want to do it 100% or not at all.

Is it normal for an older dog to be jealous? Should I just expect this and be smart with the introductions? They will both be crated when there is no one home but I want to live in peace as one happy family and I have my concerns about Rosie's behavior. Rosie is very special to us and we love her dearly but we want to share our love too.

Am I over analyzing this?

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Hi deenie and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear about your dog's mast cell tumors. I've been there with my Golden, fortunately she's been fine ever sicne she got hers removed.

You're not agonizing at all! It's usually a good idea to go in with your eyes open and think about the possiblities before getting a dog.

Normally an adult dog is fine with a puppy and can help teach the puppy the house rules. That is unless the adult dog is elderly in which case the puppy antics can get on the older dog's nerves. I can tell you that my Zircon was not completely happy about us getting a second dog, but after an adjustment period of several months things were fine. One big advantage of having two is that if you do have to leave them (say if you are going on a vacation where they can't come along or just leaving the house for a few hours) they have each other and are less likely to get anxious.

Good luck whatever you decide!
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Hello & welcome to df.

I know how you feel. I was always going to get another border from when April was about 5 but my son brought home a puppy when she was 7 1/2. She wasn't a dog to get on with many other dogs & wouldn't have anything to do with the puppy for 4 days. Sooty would go over to her whenever she saw April but April would run the other way. On the 4th day she started to play with the pup albeit a bit rough at times. As Sooty got bigger they became the best of mates.

I started looking into getting another border b4 April passed away, but wouldn't get one until she passed as she wasn't in the best of health in her last months. When I got Tilba, Sooty was also 7 1/2 & after initial intros she accepted the pup after a couple of weeks. I had to keep an eye on them because Sooty would snap at Tilba if she annoyed her for some reason. I didn't feel comfortable until Tilba was bigger & they too became firm friends. They play together a few times a day now.

In your case, your dog is a little older than my 2 were. How long do bull dogs usually live? Is there any way you could take Rosie to see the pup b4 you get it to judge how she will react?

It didn't happen when my 2 pups were brought into my home even though I knew you should make intros on neutral ground. So you need to make intros away from your home where Rosie will feel territorial.

Good luck with your decision. What breed of pup are you thinking of getting?

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