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Default Naughty people.

Do people not understand when you can't have a puppy, I mean its a puppy from a planned breeding that I would love, but I still can't have it, it wouldn't be fair, and I am full up with what I have at the moment.

You see some of my friends are planning to breed their two Longdogs, both are Saluki cross Greyhound, and they are called Kim (fawn) and Red, can you guess the colour, the dogs are both brought up as pets that work, and are bred from worker to worker, Bonnie is line bred which is not my favourite type of breeding and Red is a little star.

These people have also said that they will take me out working if I get one of these pups, but they think that Diesel is too old, so I think unless by some miracle and I find someone else Diesel will just be started in lure coursing.

But its so unfair, its like if I was in a better situation I would be getting my dream dog, but I can't so now when Kim comes into season and has her babies I will have to watch some great pups grow up until they are ready to go, oh why did they have to tell me of these dogs?
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It must be very hard to say no in that situation but I can certainly see your point. And someday you will have another opportunity and will be in a good position to get a pup. So for now you're doing the right thing I think.
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I feel ya Chaz , I am actively looking now and saying no or looking the other direction is tough . I am on a mission though , after being disappointed a tad with the size of Schatzi , I am making sure I make the right pick for myself and what I have planned , so I am being selective as all get out . I would have a hundred dogs if I could but I want 2 , THE 2 and I will know when I find them .

I should mention that I get offered Rotts on a regular basis , and usually say no - two is the limit , but I have taken a couple of ppl up on it and went and looked at them recently .
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