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Exclamation Advice needed on getting a puppy

Hi, I curently own a 2 year old male Cairn Terrrier who has been neutered, he is very playful but he also is defonatly terrotorial. We are thinking of getting a puppy. Should I get a male or female puppy, and what should I do when I get it, I was thinking of taking my dog out and letting the puppy settle, then let them meet on mutral grounds, but then I remembered they need to be vacinated first, so any advice on how to introduce them would be very much appriciated. Thanks,

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Territorial? That could pose a major problem. I would say before you bring a pup into your household, get that territorial thing diminished or you will very very likely have a big bundle of behaviors to clear up! Depending on how bad the territory issues are you may need a trainer to come in and help you address them. Terriers are tenacious, they tend to not give idle lip lifts. Pushed far enough they are likely to back up that teeth baring, even at their masters.

For eventual introductions, this thread should help:
How to build a multi-dog household
Training--the key to unlocking every dog's greatest potential. Have you unlocked your dog yet?
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Well, I may not have much experience, but I have a male retriever and we acquired a puppy 4 weeks ago and contemplated the same decision. We consulted our vet, a trainer in the family and various internet resources. This is a quick meltdown of what we found:
There are several factors to consider, and funnily enough, the primary factor ended up being the nature and dispositon of your current dog, not the sex (although this is still a major factor).

Bear our first dog (male) is a very quiet, submissive dog who is well trained, quiet and very bidable. We were told that dogs do best when accompanied by bitches and not other dogs as even after neutering, they can fight when they sense close by bitches in heat. THUS we decided to get a female retriever puppy. We were told female dogs in this breed tend to be more assertive and that SHE is....we were a little sad that she ran the household and became very domineering over poor Bear who is naturally submissive..... all that said, because your dog is assertive and territorial it is my personal opinion that he would infact, do well with a female. I think he may, as we were advised, fight with another male dog. The territorial part of his dispositon will never entirely be stamped out through training as it is part of his nature, however it can be controlled. In packs there are alpha males and alpha females and you evidently already have an alpha male that has made it quite clear he prefers it this way lol... The introduction of a new puppy is a sensitive matter and doing it in the correct manner is something you will have to study. In all honesty though, I would go the female may not have been best for our Bear, but if your dog keeps the upper paw in your house, he will handle a lady no problem :-) Hope that helps?
Any questions feel free, I'm going thru the new puppy with a dog thing at the moment and it IS tough.


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Puppies need vaccinated in case they come in contact with sick dogs or places sick dogs have been. If you know your dog is healthy and has been vaccinated there is very little risk of either dog passing illnesses. Practically no risk if your dog doesn't have much contact with places other dogs are and the puppy or new dog has also come from a place with vaccinated dogs that aren't exposed to much.

Usually it's easiest to get the opposite gender of your current dog. However it's more important to pay attention to the personality of the dogs. A dominant dog would probably do best with a submissive dog but sometimes you run into a bully who will take things too far unless the other dog at least occasionally stands up for itself. Knowing your own dog's personality and reaction towards other dogs will help the breeder or rescue you talk to pick out a puppy they are more likely to get along with. Has your dog been around other dogs since it was a puppy? If not I'd definitely try introducing him and preferably with someone experienced around to see how he'll react. Maybe even try bringing another dog into your house after repeated good introductions. If he's not very social and you aren't confident controlling and training him it would be best to skip on a puppy unless you are willing to get a lot of help. Even if it doesn't look like a puppy will work you might have some luck finding an already grown dog he'll get along with. It's much harder to judge a puppy's personality and find the right one than a grown dog and some dogs just hate puppy's. Puppy's don't know the rules yet or to stay out of others space. My akita always gives lots of complaints around puppies and settles down much faster with adult dogs that are happy staying out of her way.

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