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Default Biting weimaraner pup

Hi, we've got a weimaraner pup who is nearly 11 weeks old. She has recently started to bite and scratch. She only does a little towards me (until I shout "no" and stare at her), but more so towards my wife and my 6 yr old daughter. I know puppies do this as a means of play, but she has drawn blood on the wife a few times now. Has anyone any suggestions on how to ease her bitting?

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Hello and Welcome to the Dog Forum.

Honey do not shout at a pup, hand it a toy and walk away. Never let them chew on human fleash, they do it often for attention, bust thing is to ignore and walk on and do something. Make a box with its own toys and keep it in the same corner or place in a room of choice.

Teach the pup to go and get his out, those dogs are hunting dogs, have alot of prey drive, need alot of exercise, so out of boredom they can develope a biting issue you do not want to continue. Shouting sets off the adrelen in pups n dogs, a quiet manner is best. Making a song of NO NO is not good either. Just hand the pups a toy and leave it. Or, pinch the nose like the mommy dog does with her mouth and say bad, do not bite!! But, not real loud, just a tone higher than the normal voice. The best to you....

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Hi there

What she's doing is completely normal so don't worry, my cocker spaniel was a little devil when she was a puppy and I constantly had cuts and bites all over my hands and feets.

Check out these threads

There's lots more in the FAQ section that will probably be of great use to you.

It's also worth looking up the NILIF (nothing in life is free) method to set your pup on the right track.

Good luck

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Hi nic and welcome to the forum.

Those puppy teeth can be awfully sharp but this is how they play. It's up to us to teach them how to play with us humans and our delicate skin. There are some suggestions in the links that Mel gave you so all I can add is have patience and good luck!
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Congratulations on your new puppy. Puppies use their mouths to explore with as they don't have hands. They need to bite so they can learn that it hurts & also how to use their mouth with a gentle pressure, which eventually should disappear by the age of about 5 mths.

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