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Default The best way to toilet train a pup?

I will be going through the important toilet training over the next few weeks/months and was wondering what would be the best way to go about it all? Any advice appreciated

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Supervise constantly and take them out frequently to try to prevent any accidents before they happen. Don't over discipline for accidents that do happen. Dogs don't understand you are upset with them for peeing in the house. They only understand you are upset they peed. Yelling will just make them not pee in front of you instead. Praise greatly when they do pee outside. If you stay consistent and don't let them sneak off to have accidents where you can't see it they should catch on quickly. Maybe I'm lucky but all of mine have practically housebroken themselves so long as I follow those simple steps.

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I've found the easiest way is to take them outside after eating, drinking, playing, waking up & every hour in between. When they go praise & treat. It's also a good idea to put it on command like 'hurry up' every time they go. You'll soon be able to get them to go before bedtime, before going out in the car etc. Always keep an eye on puppy inside & rush it outside if it looks like needing to go.

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I'd say much the same as the other posters: consistency and pro-activity. If you get the pup outside BEFORE he/she has to go, and then reward the pup for going outside, you will probably help make the association (outside = pee = treat) a lot faster.

Also stay optimistic! Puppies are just little guys and they WILL make mistakes (sometimes because they are just learning, and sometimes because they are testing you!) I'd be sure to load up on some enzyme cleaner.

If you put in the time and effort up front, it will for sure pay off! One book that I found helpful was "How to Housebreak (or Housetrain - can't remember) Your Dog in 7 Days."

Good luck!

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Hi Noodlecake and Welcome to the Dog Forum.
It takes alot of patience to keep the Potty training up once started, exit same door always to the same area and wait, then pet n praise the pup.

  1. Choose the spot outside where you would like your puppy to go to the toilet (eliminate).
  2. Keep your puppy in his/her crate, pen area or even tethered to a chair where you are working. Your puppy cannot have free run of the house at this early stage, he must be confined. Every 60 minutes take your puppy straight to the designated toilet area outside. Carry your puppy or walk out on leash.
  3. When you reach the toilet area walk back and forth or circle around and around. At the same time say and repeat a cue word you would like to attach to the act of your dog eliminating. I use "hurry up" but just pick out a cue word or short phrase and stick with it. In your dogs mind you are building an association between the cue "hurry up!" and him emptying out. This is the first obedience training command you will teach your young pup.
  4. If your pup does eliminate continue to repeat your cue word and the instant your dog finishes doing his business enthusiastically praise and reward him with a small tasty treat. Make it clear that you are very happy with him and that he is the best little puppy on the block! If after 3-4 minutes of circling around your puppy shows no signs of needing to eliminate take him back inside (put in crate or pen) and try again in about twenty minutes.
  5. Immediately after a successful toilet trip outside you can allow your puppy some free play time (under supervision) in the house. Just spend some time enjoying the company of your puppy, then place him back in his crate or pen area.
  6. Continue with this 60 minute puppy house training schedule, you'll be rewarded for sticking to it. Remember that you are trying to prevent any mistakes and at the same time establish good habits in your little puppy.
  7. "What about overnight?" I hear you ask. Yes well, firstly do not feed your puppy close to bedtime and take away his water before you go to bed (don't forget to put it back first thing in the morning). You'll need to set your alarm clock to go off once and possibly twice throughout the night. This is an important step, just take your puppy out to the toilet area as usual and then hop back into bed. When your puppy is young it is physically impossible for him to hold on all night, but before long you will both be sleeping peacefully right through the night.

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Default house training your puppy

House training is pretty easy but here are a few things you may be missing
1. Is the outside area small? (if it is then feeding out there and expecting him to go out there won't fly as dogs don't like to pee and poop where they eat or sleep so make sure there is plenty of room or feed him indoors then take him out straight away).
2. Is the outside too clean? If there is not a scent of his own urine he will be less keen to go there. Try to leave it for a while (i know this is not very nice for you but it will speed things up).
3. Give him a treat every time he goes outside.
4. Put a command to the behaviour - tell him to 'busy' whilst he is peeing then praise him for going in the right area.

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This has all been very helpful. My oldest dog is 2, we recently aquired a new puppy and I forgot how much hard work it was :-( - I have been quite exasperated at times but tis true - consistency and praise are the way forward!! Is it just me or do boys learn quicker in regards to toilet training? (Quite the opposite in human terms! LOL)

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