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Default PetsMart Puppy Class--Any experiences?

While we still won't have our second pup until Sunday, I went ahead and signed up our two up for puppy training class at PetsMart to start their 8-week course.

I've heard a lot of good things about their program from friends and co-workers, so I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience in the program (good, bad or indifferent). Please share thoughts, thanks!

- CJ

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I used to be a Petsmart trainer. Here's the scoop on Petsmart classes.

It's very, very dependent on the trainer you get. A few trainers in the Petsmart system are excellent. However, most aren't very good at all. The program they use is quite good, if the trainer is capable of understanding it and executing it. I'd ask the trainer about his/her experience. Ask if they've ever trained before. What do they do with their dogs? How long have they trained? What did they do before they trained?

Petsmart has a habit of "promoting" people within their store as trainers. Cashiers, stockers, etc. These people have zippo in training experience, and it shows. Ideally, you want a trainer who does something outside the store with their dog...train in competition dog sports, do Dog Scouts, something other than just a house pet. This gives the trainer a fuller knowledge of dogs and more tricks up their sleeves to help you with your dog.

If you've gotten referrals from friends to this particular trainer, he'she may be quite good. i wouldn't hesitate to take a dog to Petsmart if I knew the trainer was good. I had a friend work there who I considered one of the best house dog trainers I've ever known.

Just beware.. Most Petsmart trainers are not very good at all.
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My experience just walking into there was attracting the attention of their 'trainer' as I had Ash with me (this is before I was working as an asst manager at a pet resort)... She meandered right up each and every time I entered the store, and as AMAZED at the tricks I had taught Ashenpaw. 'Hi-five' blew her mind... and she held up a treat and tried to get Ash to sit... my boy just scoffed at her. This is odd, as he's highly motivated, and usually obedient. Something about this particular person had him turning a deaf ear to her.

Now, this would absolutely be the case like Agility said of someone unqualified holding the position. One of the trainers who works out at the resort with me used to be a leading PetsMart trainer. So... there are good ones, and there are... not so good ones. Local word of mouth is the best way to know.
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I have often stopped and watched and was never impressed with anybody I saw training. I inquired how they go about hiring somebody and they said long as they have dog experience and can handle a dog we try them????? This amazed me on the experience part, anybody could go in and play at this, it is not a game? Dogs and people could get hurt? I just get my stuff and leave shaking my head realizing it is hard to hire good people to even work.

My new daughter in law had to go 3 times, third I went along to pick her Budgie, they kept selling her the older ones. I told them and showed them how I can tell the aged from the babies. They thanked me for the much needed lessons learned that day of two hours.

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