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Default Biting, how do I stop it?

my darling little puppy bites. she bites yoru fingers all the time, she cuddles up all nice on your knee, then bites your nose. now i no shes a puppy and its what puppies do, but whats the best/correct way to stop it. people say tap there nose and tell her off, but i no thats not right, as thatll just turn it into a game and she'll be worse. so whats the best method, tried and tested!

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I always used to do a high pitched squeal with Ailsa and it worked ever time, when I did it with Mr. nice but dim Arran I could almost hear his brain saying '' yea I like this game lets play it some more '', he did eventually get it but he really is a stupid boy .

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A high pitched squeal whenever she bites usually works well - its what her littermates would do if she played too hard with her teeth!

If she is on your lap and she touches you with her teeth at all - including pulling clothes - yelp loudly and put her straight on the floor. Fold your arms, look away from her (preferably tilting your nose upwards in a snooty fashion!) and refuse to interact with her at all for a few minutes. Do the same if you are playing and she play-bites too hard. Better still, leave the room for a few moments (this works better than removing her from the room, usually).

Try not to "snatch" your hand or clothes away when she bites, this could awaken some instincts and turn it into a tug game (as you rightly say). Try to hold your hand where it is when you squeal in agony, haha! The reason for this is that its important for her to know the power of her own jaws, and she will only learn that when she knows how much pressure is too much for you. Thats what is meant by "bite inhibition" - without her mum or siblings, you need to teach this to her!

Best of luck, let us know how she goes.


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squeal and being ignored...

works like a charm..
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Hi Kerry and Nice pup How old is she? I have a Staffy this breed is really head strong believe you me as I have a 13 month old (bitch) that are loyal,loving etc but boy they do test you as most dogs do! Yes Squeal and ignore and if it's on the sofa put the dog straight down or even better tell her off or down and mean it when the dogs is down ignore completly no eye contact or touching whatsoever!! and watch out as she will probably worm her back on the sofa or try to lick your hand!

So I would have a mat or some thing else in the same room which she can lie on, I have a mat where she is asked to go on when to eat a treat or just when I want her to go on and it is working but it's hard work and repetition and consistancy that will get results. I too come from Stoke On Trent Good Luck Kerry!

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How I stop my pups before they leave at 8, 9 wks old, I growl, say OUCH, get up and walk away. Ignore is the best method of stopping this saying no or a growl or squeal, not so loud it frightens a young puppy your working with. they should never be allowed to chew on people any place. Ignoring is the most humane way until they get some older and start some real basic obedience training that you can enforce your commands more so. You do not want a cower puppy by scaring it as it is used to chewing on toys, each other in the litter, etc. Then puppy classes are great exposure and then Obedience from there.....

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My dog used to get more excited if we did the high-pitched squeal sounds so we stopped with that and simply got up and walked away every single time he nipped. It didn't take him long to figure out that nipping means all fun stops.

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Yes, squeal like a puppy & ignore her. Have a stuffed toy ready, so you can redirect. Don't give her any contact at all. No looking at, touching, pushing away, no talking to. It's all attention. Another method is to hand feed. If she bites your fingers, say ouch & the food goes away for a couple of minutes.

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