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Old 12-18-2008, 07:49 AM   #1
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Default Newbie in need of puppy advice


My 2 children 4 and 2 have been asking for a puppy for a puppy fo about 12 months, We have always avoided getting one as me and my husband both worked full time, Last month I was laid off work and took the children out of nursery. My husband and I decided now would be the perfect time to intoduce a puppy into the family after many hours of searching the net on different breeds etc we decided on a spinger spaniel and replies to an advert.

We didn't take the kids to look at the pup in case we changed our minds. When we arrived the place was a farm that breed horses which concerned me I wanted to walk away. We were told on the phone that she was 16 weeks old and when we looked ar her paperwork she was 6 months she was covered in mud and poo but seemed a happy little thing and my hubby fell in love straight away. I was unsure. Anyway we brought he home and gave he a bath. She was sold as having all he injections but had only had one. We have taken her to to the vet and started another course of injections.

The thing is she is the most loving pup i have eve met but she doesn't want to play really and all she wants is to be cuddled is this normal?

I am having a poblem with house training her too i stood in the garden with he fo 45 mins this morning came back in and she weed on the floor i am worried that she has been used to doing what she wants and being out and its now cuel to keep he in a nomal family environment did we do the right thing as she was fed on scraps was filthy and smelly before being brought into our house at first i thought we were being kind rescueing her and now im worried we have just been mean to her.

She does seen to be settling in ok and im crate taining he at the moment just for when we go out is this cuel as she has obviously had loads of freedom before?


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Hi nickig and welcome to the forum.

I don't think what you are doing is cruel at all. I htink you are being very kind. But I think you will have your work cut out for you.

Your dog may not know who to play because it's just not something she has done before. I had a similar experienec when we rescued an adult Golden Retriever. She had no idea how to play with toys or with other dogs. The very first thing I saw her play with was a filthy piece of rope she found in our yard. I guess that was what she was used to!

I think your best bet housetraining her is to take her outside as often as you possibly can and praise her if she does go outside. Don't scold her for going inside, as she will not be able to understand what it is she is doing wrong. I would also keep an eye on her at all times and if she starts to act as if she needs to go, take her out quickly so she has the chance to go outdoors.

Good luck and don't lose heart!
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and welcome to the forum from me and my Gang.

How long have you had her? It sounds to me as if she is just settling in and that can take a little whilw, she is most probably only being clingy because she is still unsure and does not fuly trust you as yet, but with time that wll come. If she has been used to weeing evrywhere for the first six months of her life it will agan take time and patience to get this sorted out. All I ca say is if she performs outsider lots of praise.

As regards a crate this is not cruel provided it is not used as a punishment but more a place of safety and retreat where she can go to relax, put her blankets in and a few t oys with a filled kong and I am sure she will soon get used to it. It is also from the safety point of view much better to crate her if you are going out as she could easily chew and lectric wire which could be really dangerous.

Sounds like she has had a bad start in life poor love.

Hope it works out for you and do keep us posted.
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You will have your work cut out, but it will be worth it.

I have done exactly what you've done, bought a dog from somewhere less than desirable and then had to pick up the pieces after.

It does take longer to housetrain an older dog as the habits have formed. My collie was 16months old and it took us 6 months. However, she turned out to have a bladder infection that was making it impossible for her to 'hold it in'.

It’s well worth getting a full health check done on the new pup, if it’s been living outside there is the chance that a bladder infection might be involved. Signs are how often she needs to wee and a very strong smell of ammonia to the wee.

Rather than just stand outside doing nothing, take the dog for walks to get her to go for a wee. When she does go outside, make a huge deal of it. Praise her in a high pitched tone, give her a treat and try and incorporate a command such as ‘good wee wee’ (yes you sound like a fool but it does work). The dog needs to learn that weeing outside makes you very happy, dogs like to please owners so once she gets it you’ll be on the right track.

The key is patience, you'll need bucket loads of it!

I'am chillin' with forum thanks Bigboy and Sheplovr!

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Thank you for you advise so far I am sure I will be needing lots more. I cant walk her yet as she is still needing her 2nd vaccination (although i feel that i should be walking her as she has been going out fo the first 6 months but fell its not fair on other dogs until she fully vaccinated.

She has been quick to learn so far She will go in he crate for a couple of hours without much fuss and understands bed she also comes when called and dops if she has anything in her mouth she shouldn't have.

I think i needed reassurance that taking her fr$om farm life to home life isn't cruel. She dooes seem happy with us she is very attached to me and seems to love the children she has shown no signs of aggression "even though we have tortured her by that i mean bathed her wormed her frontlined her brushed her trimmed her fur and administed eye drops" i assume if she was going to show agression she would have done so by now. so maybe she was "too soft" for fam life and thats why she was for sale.

We already love her and couldn't imagine being without her. Just worried about the house smelling of doggy wee I'm sure we will get there.


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I agree with previous posters, and its more comfortable for a pup to do it inside than outside so they will be more prone to do so..

I would do as skunky say, take her out as often as you can and wait longer than 45 minutes, run around and play with her or something that wil get her going and then TONS f praise..

and she's prolly cuddly cause she hasnt had much of that before and enjoys it..

I know several dogs who has been farm/outside dogs, they get attention and all of a sudden its all they wants. Almost like a starved dog for food.

You did the right thing and you are doing the right thing, it will just take some time, she can prlly not even hold it yet either... It will come as long as you dont give up

Merry christmas and lucky you with such a sappy husband
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yes I agree with everyone and you just have to be patient.
We went through a similar thing with our border collie as he was off a farm and when we got there to pick him up the mother was out with the farmer working and all 5 pups were running around up to their necks in muck...I wanted them all. He was younger than yours mind but he was used to weeing everywhere and he had obviously not been handled or wormed etc. I thought the same as you was I being cruel should I leave him as hes a bc and should be on a farm. Hes 6 months old now and is very affectionate and as long as he gets plenty of exercise hes happy.
Like everyone says youve done the right thing, plenty of patience

Good luck

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Old 12-26-2008, 10:09 PM   #8
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Being you got the pup a little older it will take a tad bit longer to train her, so be patient, lots of love and hugs. If started as a little puppy at 8 wks so much easier it would of been, but it certainly is not empossible now to train that puppy.

Your doing a fine example of crate training which is great for pups. This should never be used as punishment, as it become like a den to them, they learn to love their crates if used properly. She will learn to go outside if you exit the same door always to the same areas until she catches on to Potty. Once she goes pet n praise to high heaven, she will love that more than a treat.

Keep taking her out alot the more the better until she learns to hold it. After all, she has been for six months of her life running and peeing wherever, so now this is all new. A home of love inside.!!?? Now, I must learn to hold my pee and poo? Well, she will with your kindness and patience and she will most likely become the best pet you might ever have. Bless Your Heart for Taking her In and never give up as Persistance Pays!!!!

"Don't make the mistake of treating your dogs like humans, or they'll treat you like dogs."


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