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Default Getting my puppy to take a walk?

I have just got a 15 wek old lab puppy and i need some advice pls if anyone can help .

She will not go out for a walk at all she just sits down in the middle of the street and puts all her weight down . Once we get to where we are going she really enjoys it , we have tried loads of things so far like treats when she does walk(even a few steps ) we have tried been patient thats not working we will be at our wits end soon if we can not rectify this problem

Pls help us


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hello and welcome!
do you know about clicker training? i was introduced to it in puppy class, and find it a very usefull tool.

your pup is 15 weeks old and still a baby. you say you just got it, it might still need some time to settle in and trust you and its new surroundings.
puppies at that age should not be walked for long periods of time, short walks are better for their bones.
give it some time to settle into its new life with you and the rest will fall into place, just keep praising the wanted behaviour!
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Can't really help with the puppy behavior but wanted to say !
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Start in the backyard with out a lead. Encourage her to follow you around using food treats. If she won't follow with her regular kibble, as part of her meals, try roast chicken or the like. Next put the lead on & encourage her to follow you around. Next pick the lead up & encourage her. In no time at all you will have her walking on lead. But remember only small walks until she has finished growing.

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Hi And Don't worry It's normal behaviour but it does drive you to despair!! And you feel you are getting no where fast!, it does get better though Don't forget your home is a safe haven and You pup is saying no I feel comfortable here and Iam not moving. My Pup which is now 10 months old as soon as you put the lead on and you moved to the front door she would put the brakes on, How I got round this was to put the lead on ( light in weight) and just let Nipper wander round the living room, but started to get control back by every so often stand on the lead meaning the pup will stop then change direction and let the pup loose again after you have mastered that. then pick the lead up and hold loosely and let your pup lead you around and again every so often you change direction and lead your pup ( and speak calmly to him/her reassuring all the time) even if it's just for a few steps if you pup responds with out digging it's heels and goes in the direction you want praise your pup as though it's gone out of fashion and reward with a tasty treat

Then when the house lead training shows signs of getting some where do the same things, but in the yard/garden, then you finaly can go outside and to the park etc. Keep sessions short about 10 - 15 mins. and never start carrying your pup other wise he/she will use this to their advantage. It will take time though and be patient!!! Good luck

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Thanks for all the advice its great , she loved going out walking when she was first able to but like i say that stopped after a week she didnt want to move , she will get there i am sure . I have never had a lab b4 always had staffies and have never encountered this problem b4 lol

Hope she starts walking with us soon we go on holiday in november and she is coming to . lol

Thanks again everybody

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