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Default Help with nipping puppy...

Hi i got my little 8 week old lab pup last week and all is well, ive even managed to get her to sit this weekend,, but one small problem we have is with her nipping and grabbing trouser legs,, any tips on ways to stop this behavior before it gets too much, 99% of the time shes fine,just when she get excited during play etc..

regards Adam

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Hi k9adam, so glad you got your puppy! I can't wait to see pictures!

Expect it to get worse but in the meantime here are a couple of links for you.
How to: Stop puppy biting / nipping
Info: Puppy Chewing
How To: Avoid Common Mistakes with a New Puppy

Have fun!
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I have 2 new German Shepherd puppies that came in from Germany a week or so ago.

They start now to do the nipping or chewing thing when I am calling them to pet or brush them. I take my two forefingers and just lightly squeeze their nose and tell them NO BITE! It only took 2 days of that and they do not dare chew or bite my fingers or toes being in sandals now.

This is what the mother does in the wean process is cup her mouth over their noses and grumbles at them in dog talk. I cannot dog talk, I people or Pat talk firmly and mean it. I do not even pinch for them to make a noise, it just moves them to another thing and no more biting on me.

Now these are just 9 wks old pups learning fast the process that works here and the do's and dont's also. They learn fast and it does spoil me, but I am telling the truth I do not harm a dog, I use my firm voice and manner of stance more than anything else. They soon learn that I mean business and will not tolerate nonsense. They have tons of play time to get into alot of trouble without chewing on people or for that matter anything they should not.

I have had them inside and they were excellent. The one puppy is going to Chicago May 17, so mine stays, so I am working with both. It is not hard at all to train a young puppy. At least I do not think so and you start now!

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At my puppy preschool school that i own, our method is as follows,

firstly, hold your dogs jaw either top or bottum NOT BOTH TOGETHER!

secondly, get eye contact with the dog and say stuff like, what a good game, you like this game dont you or lets play bitting.

From this it is as if you are playing biting to your dog, hopefully they wilol stop. But you must do this method to them as some as they nip you!

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Hi my pup was doing the same, biting at my trouser leg. But what I do is stamp the other leg hard on the floor. Do it as soon as she takes hold of your trouser. It works very quickly. But only stamp the other leg, this is to avoid stamping on your pup. So if he grabs the right leg ,stamp the left leg. I learnt this many years ago from a pony I used to have and German shepherd who was biting his leg lol

I HAVE BEEN KISSED!! .thanks sheplovr
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