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steveandcharlotte 03-21-2008 02:18 PM

Help! Sexual aggression in young pup
I'm looking for advice please!
Our new golden retriever puppy is only 9 weeks old but is showing a lot of sexual agression. So far it's only been towards his toys but when he is in his "moment" if you go near him he bites and growls and goes to bite you.

He is showing quite a bit of "occasional" aggression generally which we are trying to manage using water sprays as he is scaring our older retriever. We thought initially he was biting at our older dog because he thought him to be his mum and was looking for milk as he always bites at his tummy/chest but now were not so sure as he is occasionally biting him all over. Most forums tell us how to cope with a dog that is aggressive to the puppy but rarely have we seen it the other way round.

Does anyone have any advice on how we should handle this we have had some quite contradicting info on this subject in books we have read.

Thanks in advance.

Monkey 03-21-2008 02:32 PM

well, it can't be sexual, no hormones yet, unless your pup is a freak of nature. ;)

but no, Ive never heard of this before and I'd say take contact with a local behaviourist. THis is a behaviour that will probably need to be studied in place. It CAN be that he has worms, tumor, or something medical that is throwing him off, causing the behaviour cause he's tired, feeling bad etc.
Or he might just be born like that. I'd say local behaviourist and a vet after that if she don't find anything.

How was the parents? do you know any medical history background of them?
Paper dogs? Puppy mill? how's the siblings? what does the breeder say?

Ohhh ar eyou talking about him humping the toys? That is usually a stress behaviour in sucha young pup and he don't know how to handle himself. In that case I woud not allow it, and keep him the toys away, do not let him get riled up like that, and if he does, put him in a crate on time out with a chew bone. Chewing and eating are calming for dogs and might help to learn him how to cope with the behaviour. BUt it's more likely stress of new home and a bad behaviour under development.

skunkstripe 03-21-2008 02:40 PM

Hi steveandcharlotte and welcome to the forum.
Aggression, and 'sexual agression' at that seem highly unusual in a 9-week old puppy. Without being there to see it, I can't offer much in the way of solid advice.
I would though like to mention that in my experience, Goldens can be 'growly' without being aggressive. That is to say, I've seen some that make a fearsome growling noise as an invivation to play, and mine makes a fearsome growl when she is happy. So I would watch the body language to see if this is really some kind of aggression or if it might be normal puppy lunacy with the strange vocalizations of a nutty Golden.
If not, I'll second Monkey's suggestion to get a behaviorist or a vet involved who can see the pup first hand.
Good luck!

sheplovr 03-21-2008 08:37 PM

I have had a ton of puppies this age and older and never heard nor saw this type of behavior.
As stated, contact a vet for a medical problem bothering the puppy first. One can only guess what the problem might be at this age. Hernia, tumor, kidneys, etc. good luck.....:)

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