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Default Still ankle biting!

Nellie is driving my husband insane at work - she still attacks his ankles and bootlaces whenever he moves!

I gather from other patterdale owners that this is pretty typical and she'll grow out of it, but she is very persistent with Kris - she very rarely does it to me at home now though, I only have to give her a warning glare when she starts, and she grumbles a bit but then leaves me alone.

But with him, she dives and grabs the legs of his jeans or his bootlaces, growling and snarling (playfully of course). The minute he tells her NO, she steps back and has a mad barking fit, then starts all over the point that he's dragging her along the ground pretty much everywhere he walks.

The thing is that he loses his temper with her and shouts, which just makes her bark and grab on even more. I've tried to tell him that she thinks he's joining in with the game but he won't listen to me.

Any advice I can offer the man who knows everything?


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Have you tried the IGNORE METHOD? Just ignore and walk away and do something that you like and the dog does not. Just say nothing to her, just go off and everytime she starts, pick up the phone like your talking, etc. Just try and not say a word, keep busy and I feel this will blow over.

Many pups do this for attention and if left go gets worse till they can ruin clothes. I stop it by the method I have told you and they soon get bored and get into something else. Hand her a toy and tell her to scat. Do not dwell on it as she will only get worse for attention....

"Don't make the mistake of treating your dogs like humans, or they'll treat you like dogs."


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