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i had the same problem with my Dachshund i found that a dog whisel worked great you can not hear it but the dog can. you can get them at pet stores this worked for me hope this helps

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Originally Posted by ebaydan777
no you have helped a lot actually, harley loves it when i run away from him and he comes after me, i tried the "locking him out" trick, i closed that gate and ran right inside for a good minute or so, he was standing at the gate like "omg u left me" haha and i let him inside after i said come and he came in perfectly all the way into the living room sat down and just looked at me lol
HAHAHA that reminds me of when I had to turn my heart to stone. Same thing with Zircie when he was a puppy. He understood what 'come' meant except he didn't understand that it was supposed to be 'now' and not 'whenever'.

Your post reminded me of those days. I would say 'come' and if he didn't come, go inside and wait. Sure enough he would trot up to the door and give me that LOOK. I would keep my head down and count to 100. Sometimes I would even say 'come' again. If your dog starts to whin eyou can decide of you want to let him in or not. Sometimes it can be useful if your dog asks to come in like this. Anyway to finally put him out of his misery Iwould say 'come' and open the door, he would rush in and be very happy and jumping around.

If I can say one more thing-practice this with him when it it not important and where you know he will be safe. Like a fire drill. The time will come when you will need him to come (no ifs ands or buts but RIGHT NOW) and even though they are clever, they may not be as smart as we think. Practice it three times a day (how old is he?) until you feel he has it. THen try it randomly, just to see if he still does it well. Soundslike yoiu are on the rigth road and that you are lucky to have such a great little stinker (xcuse me, I mean darling)
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haha...hes 4 months old yesterday so hes at a good age to learn all this, ya he definitly knows what comes mean, when he doesnt see that treat in my hand it sure does mean "whenever" for him, so i hope after trying this over and over again hell come when i say it..

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