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Default What are the best ways ?

To house train a 2 month old pup ? my last two were 6 months so its 35 years since having a baby,I have my own ideas,but would love to hear yours.

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At two months the breeder should have already implanted the basic idea.

Constant supervision; taking him out at regular intervals including after a nap and meals and lots of praise. You'll also want to restrict water before bedtime.

House training isn't really all that difficult when done with absolute consistency!

You'll have him on the right track in no time.

A well trained dog will make no attempt to share your lunch.

He'll just make you feel guilty while you're eating it.

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WHen I have pups I take them out about every 30 min or after a nap or after they eat or drink.
WHen puppy goes outside correctly give lots of praise
Crate training may aid in potty training
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I do the same as applesmom and melissa i also dont feed after 6 at night so they have plenty time to do their business before bed,also i take them out after they have been playing as they get excited Good Luck

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Hi Charles, it is not hard at all to train one younger, maybe easier. I have a puppy I am working with and she has learned to go to the door at near two months now. Soon as they eat, give ten minutes take it out and wait, then when it goes pet n praise. Always exit same door to the same areas and it does not take so long.

Lift water at six pm, take out as late as possible for last potty, if u use a crate, do not put only a toy and pillow in for the night or gait off a room for the puppy at night.

Feed last feeding like four pm. It should within a week do fine, hang some bells on the door knob it will learn to hit them with its head or a foot. Good luck and send photos of your new one.

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crate training in conjunction with constant and consist taking out to the loo...i was extremly lucky with Ruby as when she came to me at 8 weeks it was the may and sorta warm so i left the back door open for her for the first week or so...then i started to shut the door and she learnt to wait by the door, and if i did not notice her she would come to me and then walk back to the door as if to tell me!!! Good luck!

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-Take out at least once an hour to help guard against accidents!
-Take out after each nap (Even if it was only a 15 minute nap)
-Take out before AND after being crated
-Shortly after a big drink of water
-After a long play session or exercise.
-The most important potty break is: Right after eating! (And this means hurry because he/she is going to have to go right away!)

In the middle of the night, while the pup is crated, make sure to get up every three hours (At the most! Remember- The pups age in months, plus 1, equals the maximum number of hours the pup can be expected to hold it. But if the pup is whining- take him/her out as soon as possible as you want to imprint the whine with the potty so that when they are older they will 'ask' to be let out.) and take them out for a potty break, even if they are still sleeping. Just wake them up, lets say at 3:00am, head straight outside, and straight back in- do not allow the pup to play at all during this time- it is strictly for potty break and then back to sleep, and just put them right back in to the crate. I make sure that I am up until midnight every night so that I can take him out then, and then again at 3am, and then at 6am (Hubby and I get up at 6:00am anyways). And otherwise during the day, every hour unless he sleeps through it.

Keep track of when your pup goes potty and if it is a pee or a poo- it will help guard against accidents as you will just look at your schedule and go, " Hmm.. he hasn't pooped for 4 hours.. it must be time to go for a walk to help him 'walk it off' to relieve himself. Keep a written up schedule.. Here is a link to another thread where I have given potty training advice, and there is even a schedule image you can print off, it is what mine looks like: Potty Training Link

A pup that age will go to the washroom at least 12 times day. My Leonidas poos about 4-5 times daily (He only gets fed twice daily. If you feed three times daily, you may see more poops!), and the rest if pee about once an hour. Depending on your feeding schedule, you will be able to start to recognize when he has to poo right away. Watch for sniffing around, or a raise in the tail that is sudden while they are walking nose down- this is usually an indication that they are seeking out the best place to potty.

When you take your pup outside, to make it easier, bring the pup to the same place in the backyard all the time. Sooner or later the pups scent will be heavy there, and every time you bring him there he will realize what you want of him. Once, and every time for least a couple months, that you bring him outside to potty (Try to keep him on a leash so that you are close to him to know what he did, to ensure the stool doesn't look odd, etc etc) make sure to give a treat and a lot of praise while saying something along the lines of "Good Potty" immediately after the dog is done the deed.

If the pup poops or pees in the house- do not pay any attention to the dog from the point in time that you notice it, to the point in time that it is completely cleaned up. Speaking to him/her right now, or even giving eye contact, can be mistaken for praise. And, if you yell or freak out about it- the pup will become afraid to eliminate around you and will start becoming sneaky about it (Instead of out in the open- a poo may end up behind your couch!) so it is best to ignore the pup until it is completely cleaned up.

If you catch the pup in the act of having an accident inside, even if they were just finishing the deed, immediatly bring the dog outside and to their potty place. Wait a while, and then bring them back in. Let them know that just because you went inside, doesn't mean you don't have to still go outside Hahaha.

And if you are having issues of a dog that used to be paper trained, try collecting the accidental poo's from inside your house and moving them to the specific 'potty place' outside to help get the scent strong there.

You may want to not give the pup complete access to your house- perhaps keep them in the kitchen, where there is no carpet to be ruined, and block off the entrances/exits so that you can keep a close eye on them. When ever you leave the room for a short amount of time- it is best to put them in the crate as well.

I wish you the best of luck, and I am sending you warm wishes with buckets full of patience as you will need it, and don't hesitate to PM me as I am going through the exact same stages with my pup right now as you are!

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hi,great dog lovers hello charles what i do is after 9pm i put all water and food some where high so none of my 2 dogs can reach them,and i take them out at about half 9 so the food has time to digest.

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I just love this post it came from this thread: Potty training

Originally Posted by MoJo View Post
OH, okay then! Sounds like we are in the exact same boat.. and I am afraid you will not like my answer one bit.

Ok, my ten week old Rottweiler was doing the same thing as your Lilly here not too long ago, and this is the only way we found to go about it.

I so feel sorry for you that you have to take care of a puppy and a baby because I know from my experience just plainly with the pup, it is a very tiring experience. In two weeks, I have had an 8 week old Rottweiler, now 10 weeks old, nearly potty trained. When we first brought him home, he thought the house was his personal bathroom. He showed no signs whatsoever when it came to potty time, and would just squat and poo or pee without any warning in random places in the house. I can tell you exactly what we have done to stop this if you have some time Haha.

Here I go:

Firstly, we made it so that the pup could not have access to the entire house. Even though we have a small house, keeping him confined to just the Kitchen (You may chose a different room. Best idea is to chose a room with no carpet. Use things to block the doorways and entrances/exits, and make sure she is only ever allowed in the one room you choose, unless under constant supervision. Place the crate in the chosen room as well, and leave the door open for all-time access. Place water in that area as well. Only feed at a specific time, do not free feed (It will help you know when she has to potty).

Make sure the crate is not too big. The most common mistakes that people make with pups when they begin crate training is that they get a crate too big because they want the puppy to be comfortable. The crate is not supposed to their room- it is supposed to be their bed. So downsize it by filling one end of it with something, or blocking off one end of it. We used a metal divider from a different crate we have, and held it in place with zip-ties. The puppy should ONLY be able to enter, lay down, turn around and sit. When the pup is laying down, their body should take up 90% of the floor space.)

Now, as for bed time poo and pee in the crate. Once it is downsized, we still had the issue that our pup could not make it through the entire night. We only sleep for 6 hours a night (Go to bed at midnight and get up at 6am) and even then we would wake up with pee and sometimes poo as well in there with him and he would need a bath and the crate would need to be cleaned. (Find a cleaner that doesn't use ammonia as it may attract the pup to pottying in that spot again. Use a clean that breaks down enzymes.)

So, this little bit of info will help you a lot: Pups age in months, plus one = how many hours they can be expected to hold it. So, your pup being about 3 months old, that means your Lilly should not be expected to hold it for any longer than 4 hours. This means that you will have to get up in the middle of the night at least once (Depending on how many hours you sleep) to ensure there are no accidents.

Here is another good thing to remember:

When to take her outside for a potty break:
-Once every hour and a half to be careful
-After the pup naps
-After eating (This means hurry!)
-Before and after being put in the crate for a period of time
-Shortly after a long drink of water
-After a long play session/exercise time.

I know it sounds like a lot, and I didn't realize how often it would have to be until we already had the pup. I had a few minutes of regret, but then I realize that this is what I signed up for, and I owe it to the pup to make sure he gets taken care of properly.

I do believe it would be a good idea for you to write up a schedule like I had said before. Print off a few copies, and make sure to keep up with it as it will help you understand when she needs to potty and what exactly she needs to do on this specific potty break. I use the straight up and down "|" line for pee, and I use an "O" for poo when I am writing it down. If the potty was an accident and not during a potty break where you took her outside, I put a line through it to show that it was not a good potty break. And, quite frankly, my pup (only three weeks younger than your own) pees once an hour (Unless he has napped through that hour) and poos an average of 4-5 times a day.

I also take away the water dish a few hours before bed, that way their bladder wont be full in the middle of the night. This has helped a LOT.

Here is what my schedule looks like. I keep it up on the wall by the door with a pen near by:

For night time potty breaks when you get up from sleeping to let her out that one time a night, mark it down on the bottom of the sheet of paper with the exact time and what she did as well. That way you dont forget in the morning and go " When was the last time she pooped?!?!" Lol.

So... To Recap:
-Keep a schedule of when the pup goes potty.
-Take out at least every hour and a half.
-Feed a measured amount at specific times of the day.
-Bring outside on a leash and give a LOT of praise and a treat when a good deed has been done.
-Do not give the pup complete access to your entire house- keep the area smaller and easier to be watched over.
-Never punish the puppy for a potty mistake in the house, as this sends mixed signals, and they will become sneaky about pottying and you will find it hidden throughout your house.
-Keep the crate size small.
-Place accidental poos in the 'correct place' to fill that area with their scent to help to have them potty in the right place.
-Take pup outside if she whines at all, she will start to understand what whining means going outside to potty.
-Get up at least ONCE a night to stop night-time accidents
- Take a nap whenever possible to catch up on sleep, LOL!

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