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Default When to give them puppy chews?

hello me again lol

was wondering when can puppies start having those chewy bone things, like pigs ears, usually made into shoe shapes etc. hope you know what i mean Lol
and is there anything i should avoid giving her?

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Old 12-14-2007, 08:47 AM   #2
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I'm not sure what you mean...
There are pig ears, bones, and treats that are molded into shapes, but as far as I know those are three completely different things. Could you perhaps post a picture or a link? Anyway, of those I think all three are fine.

One thing you might want to consider avoiding is rawhide. I say 'might' because opinions are usually divided on whether rawhide is ok or not. If you do, then you probably want to make sure it does not come from a country where aersenic is added as a preservative.
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I would not give any puppy or dog anything RAWHIDE MADE, it softens, can slide half way down and choke a dog, or even cause blockages in the intestines. It is better to give a small but large enough pup does not choke on a RAW BEEF SOUP BONE, from grocery store to chew on. Very good for teeth n gums. Also, hard nylabones flavored is good for them. Do not give anything suffed they pull apart and can choke on stuffing. Kongs stuffed with peanut butter or some cheese, freeze over night is great or just plain if they will chew on it. comes in a small, medium and large size. Do not give puppies rope type of toys as the strings can get in their throats and choke them. Better safe than sorry later. Just buy very safe, good toys that puppies cannot chew up and choke on.

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NylaBones are good, raw bones are good, Booda Bones are pretty good, too.

I would avoid pig ears, because dogs can chew them up too easily and can choke on pieces. As far as rawhide, well, like Skunkstripe said, there are mixed opinions on that. I, personally, have never had troubles with my dogs and rawhide, but I have heard stories of dogs that have choked on pieces.

If you want a nice edible chew that has a low choking hazard possibility, check out bully sticks. My dogs absolutly love them!

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Nylabones are great but my dogs eat them way to fast, I myself like giving my dogs rawhide as I have had dogs for year with no issues, I also find Pig ears to be fine to but a waste of money because my dogs chew them so quickly.
But i would avoud those rawhide treats that are molded into shapes, like shoes,candycanes and such because the little thin peices shaped as strings I find are hazardous,escpecially to small breeds if that what you own.
SO what you give you pup is a matter of opinion, at 8 weeks most chews are fine so it just depends what kind of chew you choose, just make sure you research the pros and cons of each kind so you know if there are risks
Good Luck with the pup
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I never give a young puppy anything that would be considered edible to chew on and I keep the variety (not the number) of chew toys to a minimum. My particular choice of chew toys is an assortment of durable nylabones. They're safe, inexpensive and most pups love them.

There are several reasons I do this. It avoids creating picky eaters, (learned this the hard way); doesn't upset the nutritional balance during the critical growth periods and reduces danger of accidental blockage or choking.

It's also easier and less worrisome for me, less confusing for the puppy, and reduces the amount of time it takes for them to learn what is acceptable to chew on and what isn't.

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