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Old 11-08-2007, 09:57 AM   #1
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Question Potty training

Sorry guys,
I have so many questions....

Bang Gu is only 8 weeks old and she has been living with us about a week now. She only stayed downstairs, kitchen, dining area and living room (they are all opened!). We put her in the kitchen first day and she started to pee in the Kitchen. As she explored(?) more to living room, now she is peeing and pooing in the living room, especially on a rug, where she normally plays with us.

We have a big garden, but we didn't know whether we could let her outside, as she hasn't had a first injection yet. We want her to pee and poo outside. We thought she is too young to teach having a pee and poo outside. When should I teach her??

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I started outside with Ozzy at 6-1/2 weeks. Is your garden free from other dogs who pass through? If so, just choose a small area of your yard & keep her confined to that area. It is best to start training outside immediately (never giving pup a chance to go in an inappropriate place) so that you don't have to break bad habits.
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Start training her right away.

As long as any other dogs who use your garden have been wormed and vaccinated there shouldn't be any problem.

Good luck!

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Our last 2 pups were only 5 1/2 weeks old when we got them, now 14 1/2 yrs & 7 yrs. They were taken outside from day one. After eating/drinking, sleeping, playing & every hour in between. You have to be vigilant & watch for the signs, circling, sniffing & rush her outside to the spot in your garden you want her to use. Wait until she goes, praise & give her a little treat. Some ppl use crates for this purpose, but you can tether her to you so you can keep an eye on her. Mistakes are the fault of the owner not the pup who is doing what comes naturally. Maybe confine her to a smaller area until she nows what to do. You will also have to clean the rug with an enzyme cleaner, otherwise she'll go back to it.

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Geesss your getting pups really young??!! They should not leave the litter till 8 to 10 weeks old.
But having said that my daughter took one home at 5 and half weeks as she quit eating with large litter of 9. She started day one going to same door, to same area, small yard by the way. She got her shot at six weeks I went over and gave her first one as they should at that age, then second one at ten weeks. If not alot of traffic, take her to an area u feel safe for her and wait, then pet n praise. But, always exit same door, then u can put bells up or an old ring with old keys on n they learn to swat it or hit it whatever u teach the pup.
Mandi had her going to the door in 3 days. I had to go over and witness it as so young, did not quite believe it but she did. Get her first shot, it should be given at six weeks. I micro chip at 5 weeks, then shots. next week or vetted if not such a large litter. Baby gait the living room off to kitchen only by the way. Place papers down at the door your going to go out to train her.

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yes i agree with everyone else...START NOW...when we arrived home with ruby (after about an hours travel in the car), i literally walked in the front door, through the house and straight out into the back garden, where she had a sniff about and a wee...we were lucky as we got her in may and it was not too cold so i could keep the door open most of the day, we only had 2 poo's in the house, both times after her injections, and about 7 or 8 wee's and to be honest they were mostly my fault for not noticing her sitting by the back door, when it was shut, waiting to go out. also are you using a crate?

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