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Old 10-19-2007, 03:42 AM   #1
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Default Introducing new puppy into our family

We currently have a 20 month old Springer called Mach and on the 3rd Nov we will bringing home a 9 week old Sprocker called Kip both are male.

I would like some advice on how to introduce Kip to Mach?

Mach currently sleeps in our kitchen in a soft bed and we had thought about putting Kip in our crate and locking him in partly for them to get used to each other but also for house training, what are you thoughts?

Also would you look at feeding them seperately and keep them apart while each is eating?

Any info would be much appreciated?



Mach 1.jpg

Kip 1.jpg

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Hi Mach,

Gorgeous dogs! Bet you're excited about your new addition! When we brought Bonnie in to the house I was really nervous. We all went in to the living room, sat down and just let them get used to one another. At first they should always have supervision when they are together. Although I'm sure everything will be fine, your new pup will be very small and you need to be there just incase any jealousy arises, though I',m sure it won't, dogs seem to know when it's a puppy stumbling round.

As for sleeping I would definately crate your pup, in the same room as your dog is fine though the pup might cry at first - Bonnie nearly screamed the house down every night for a week I wouldn't leave them alone together if you go out during the day either - the pup should be crated for a while until it's bigger and your dogs are used to each other.

With feeding, well personally I would feed them at the same time, just with a good distance between them. When we first had Bonnie she would scoff her food and them run over and start eating out of Megs bowl too. Meg wouldn't do a thing just try and carry on eating with this tiny puppy shoving her out the way. I was told by others on here that must stop because Meg WOULD turn nasty once Bonnie wasn't a pup. We supervised and Bonnie got told off every time she went to go near Meg once she had finished eating but she carried on trying to steal her chews and lying with her nose next to Megs while she was finishing a chew off. To this day (Bonnie's now an adult well and truly) Meg has never even growled at her. We've stopped Bonnie stealing Megs food, because Meg wouldn't discipline her not to. So I would feed them at the same time, but make sure the puppy stays away from your dog and vice versa, it's not fair to let them battle it out themselves and could result in a nasty telling off if you don't watch carefully at first. I am aware that we have been very lucky with Megs temperament, she's unusually placid about food.

I really hope you enjoy your new pup! Lots of pics please
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I saw your precious pup & dog in another thread. I know you're exciting. I'm looking for my 2nd dog too. There's lots of good info here in the site for introducing your new pup into the household. Have a look around in the different sections & you'll find a wealth of information.

I personally didn't crate train but I do believe it is a great idea for young pups & they will often enjoy their crates if introduced properly to them. You can't watch them 24/7 and having a crate trained puppy makes for easy management.

I believe dogs should always be fed at a distance from each other. There will be no need for competition & they should be taught to respect the other dog's space while eating.
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Old 10-19-2007, 11:55 AM   #4
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I think that since one of the dogs is still quite young (only 9 weeks), as long as Mach is a well-adjusted dog, you won't have any real problems. Pups that young enjoy "puppy license", which means that an older dog will be amazingly tolerant of silly puppy antics. This will start to change however when the pup gets to be about 4 months old, this is when the puppy license wears off. Mach will be less tolerant of silliness on Kip's part, and you may see the occasional growl or nip when Mach 'corrects' bad behavior from Kip.

For now enjoy the fun, though, there is nothing quite like getting a new puppy!
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Introductions made slow work out most of the time they have for me many many times. Your doing ok by letting them get to know each other in the living room, do NOT let them alone until time goes and your certain the pup will be ok, I would crate the older one regardless. Just when one can trust them it happens. I always put a new puppy I import in the outside kennels to look around. I have big Magnum ones, they can look all over with adults running. I will let it out many times for a week every day with me there to supervise. I tell my dogs this pup is going to live here like you all and do NOT hurt him/her. They just sniff and go about their ways. In time as it grows it starts to run with the pack, crated in garage until large enough to work into the pack. You could gait off a room, use a crate whatever works to place either the puppy since it may not be completely Potty broke, let the older one run. Give it say the Kitchen to be with you while you cook, those baby gaits are cheap and easy to move. Keep telling the older one this is your new friend, I really think If you talk enough to your pet they learn to understand to a point what we say n mean. If it becomes hastey about this crate the older one, let puppy run in kitchen when cooking n eating. It will work out, it will in time love company. If you need further help, let us know
Good luck and enjoy them..

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