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Default Help with weaning?


I have 4 week old westie pups and they are starting to eat solid foods but only tiny amounts. I keep the mum away from them for at least 2 hours and then offer them food, scrambled egg & milk replacer, soaked and mashed james welbeloved puppy food or very mushy mince. Acoording to the dog food bag they should eat 95 grams each per day of that food but I soak about 20 pellets in some milk and mash and the four of them eat about half. How can I get them to eat more?

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It is a slow process to get them to the point where they're eating more puppy food. Just keep adding a little more regular food to the diet as they pick up their interest. Limiting their time with their mother will help them build a better appetite.
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I started my puppys out on baby cerel and pet canned milk.Box of Garber rice baby cereal ,spoon of kao surp, mix water and canned milk togeher add to cerel you want the cerel little liquid then thick.3 times a day let the mom clean up what they don't eat which might not be alot at first. Since there 4 weeks I just feed it to them for about a week then soak there puppy food tell very soft and in a blender mix it up and add the baby cerel and the canned milk and water to the mix and blend again .After a week slowly take away the cerel and canned milk tell there just eating the soaked puppy food

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I use Pro Plan Puppy Chicken n rice. I use my food processor to grind it tiny, and soak a pan over night with warm water. Next days feeding I warm Goats canned milk, for a while neighbor milked his goats and gave to me, but they went dry. It is better or I use Canned milk, sterilize the water used also till weaned and eating good. You could mix some baby cereal, I never needed to but my pups are huge piggies. and they start to eat some at 2 and half weeks. Make it mushy and wet, but not tooo wet or they will try and suck it, they need to learn to chew and eat normally. I add a tbsp of white Karo for some taste also to get them going good.
Once they are eating good, I do not soak it but just warm and add the canned milk. They always love this and thrive. I also worm at two weeks, give a straight parvo shot or do not let people around them, this can be transferred by feet, clothes, etc. Do not worry about how much they eat yet, just that they are eating it without a problem. I always take aside the one or two that do not eat well, get some canned Iams puppy food and put in my hand and let them eat at it. Once they learn, they can go back with the others. You might need to add some meat canned if Karo or canned milk does not intice them enough. Make sure and serve it warm. If you need further help let me know as I have weaned many many puppies.

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That seems like an awful big amount of food for pups of 4 weeks,thats just under a mug full,if you can imagine how small their bellies are I don't think there is any way they could eat that amount,I know Travis's breeder started with gluten free baby rusks and goats milk,how heavy are the puppies,I know burns puppy food you feed 20g -50g for a puppy of 1kg

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i weane my pups on ready breck mixed with puppy milk in the morn and evening and soaked puppy meat on the other meals i also keep mum out an hour before feeding them that way they cant get a sneaky feed of her

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