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Old 09-07-2007, 03:15 AM   #1
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Default My puppy doesn't like me?

Well, maybe that's an exaggeration. She seems to like me well enough. :3 We play a lot, she wags her tail for me, she sleeps in my bed and I feed and take care of her. She's been my dog from day one, and she demands cuddle time from me where she cuddles up and sleeps on my chest.

So maybe this is just me being jealous and reading too much into it, but...why is it that once my mom pops on over that I'm pretty much ignored and she goes even wilder for her? o.o I've never seen her get so excited over me coming home. xD Sure, she'll have her happy tail-wagging "I'm so glad you're home!" moment, but it certainly isn't as elaborate, wild, or long-lasting for me as it is for her...not to mention she won't really come to me if I call while my mom's around, unless my mom isn't paying her any attention.

So yeah...just wondering what's up with that and if anyone has had this experience? Because I haven't. ^^;; I've had two dogs before this, one who was from a shelter and one who I had for 13 years from the time he was 5-weeks old (same age I got this girl) who was basically glued to me. Maybe she's just more excited about seeing people she doesn't see as often as she sees me?

I may be reading too much into it like I said. xD But since I've never experienced this, it just made me a little worried that, maybe, she just doesn't like me as much as other people even though I'm trying to be the best mom I can be. ^^;;

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Old 09-07-2007, 03:33 AM   #2
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Hi and welcome to the forum, I'm sorry you feel like this.

I think it may be because she sees you everyday and she is excited that somone new is here that she can play with.

I wish you the best

Happy posting.


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Old 09-07-2007, 04:02 PM   #3
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Sounds like she needs more socialization....obdience class will acoplish that and also show her who the pack leader is. By the way ...Welcome to the forum

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Old 09-07-2007, 04:08 PM   #4
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Could it be that somehow FUN things happen when your mom is around?
I had this for a while with Zircon-he would go nuts when hubby came home but I was BORING. I figured it out though and it was not hard. When hubby came home, we went for a walk. Or when hubby was home on the weekend, we went for a hike. In other words, hubby = fun.
Now we have evened it out some and both dogs seem to treat both of us equally.
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Old 09-07-2007, 04:08 PM   #5
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my dogs do the same thing dont worry! naw i dont your reading TOO much into it...just to(with one O) much into it lol!
i get jealous sometimes when it happeneds but then i remember...there coming home with me!!! lol or, i get to live with their happy butts everyday!
my 3 get to go over to their grandma's on a weekly basis...sometimes 4 or 5 times a week and she does in home day care, so they ALL spend LOTS AND LOTS of time with little kids and bigger kids and even some adults...i think it's just because their "new" to them and they dont get to see them as often!
trust me though, if you ever go on a trip and come back a week later...BOY WILL THEY MISS U!!!
coco does this wimpery cry thing if we go on a trip and doesnt stop until she's fulling sniffed, licked and jumped us for about an hour

"When Labs give people the look,it is a powerful, mind-altering drug that makes you think you've been personally locked into a soul contract"

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Old 09-07-2007, 04:11 PM   #6
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hiya i got a pup four years ago and immediately she became my partners dog, i was terrified id done something wrong. every time he got up to leave she wanted to go with him. although i can say i wasnt too happy about it you never can tell who your dog is going to go to the most. it does sound like your pup may just be really pleased to see your mum a bit like a kidbeing excited to see their grandparents, as mine always brought me choccy!!!!!

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Old 09-07-2007, 04:26 PM   #7
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Yeah, I wouldn't worry about it. My dog is always super excited to see my mum too - it's because she has a dog of her own that our dog plays with, and even if the other dog isn't around, mum=fun in our dog's brain.

I've also had to get visitors to give our dog treats when they arrive, it was the best way to keep her from jumping up and barking at them. But now, of course, visitors are super exciting for the whole time they're here!!

I also play second fiddle a lot to squirrels, other dogs, rabbits, the neighbours...
- I want to be the person my dog already thinks I am.

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Old 09-07-2007, 04:43 PM   #8
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My dog is Momma's Boy 100% when it is just the two of us or when Mark has been home all day. But when Mark first comes home from work or when visitors come, I'm last on the list. I'm betting if your Mom took your dog home for the weekend & then you came to her house, you'd receive the same response from your pup as they do when they come to visit. I'm also betting that if something "really scary" happened, your pup would come running to you for comfort.
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Old 09-07-2007, 05:07 PM   #9
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Hi and welcome! My adult male is like this. He is happy to see us, but happier when he meets someone new! He quite often tries to follow people when they walk away from him. I'm used to it now, although it was slightly upsetting at first!
Breagha is the opposite, I think if her tail wagged anymore she'd take off like a helicopter lol

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Old 09-07-2007, 06:05 PM   #10
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Kira's like that with my dad. Dunno why, he's horrible with dogs. I'm the only good one with dogs in my family. Yet "my" dog goes nuts over my father!

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