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Old 08-22-2007, 05:26 AM   #1
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Default Whining advice

I am so glad I have found this forum as I was getting a bit desperate. Rufus is a nine week old Jack Russell. He is absolutely gorgeous and loving. He plays very well and is coping relatively well with being house trained!
We have only had him for a week and therefore expect him to whine and bark when we leave him alone as he is understandably lonely. However he seems to be perfectly well behaved when we leave him alone in the house. I take my husband to work every morning and the neighbours have said that they don't hear a peep out of him! is this just because he knows we are in the house and wants to be with us? at night we keep giving in and bringing him upstairs to sleep (in his own bed on the floor of the bedroom). I don't really mind but don't want him to always sleep in our room.

Cath and Rufusxx

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firstly congratulations on the new puppy i have 16 week old dachschund
she was fine when we went out but night time was terrible we made the huge mistake of sleeping with her the first couple of nights but were strong and just let her whine herself to sleep after a week it stopped and we have heard no more from her since you have to be stong and not give in although i know how hard it is not to i was also told to use a radio and leave it one so they dont getting lonely good luck

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Great to have you with us. I do hope you'll post pics of your new pup. We do love pics around here.

I agree that it is attention seeking behavior. You need to work really hard at not rewarding that behavior with attention or you'll just reinforce it. The first week or so is the hardest but your pup will soon learn that the whining doesn't have the desired impact on what you'll do next. So, make sure to give lots of praise to your calm/quiet puppy instead.

Keep us posted. Things will get better soon if you are as determined not to give her attention during her whining as she is determined to continue to whine for attention. You'll win this battle.
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Hi Rufus and welcome!
Jack Russells are smart little dogs and if you don't watch out, they will train you faster than you can train them. It looks like he already has you trained to come and get him when he feels lonely at night. OK it is HARD for a little puppy to go from being with his mum and littermates to being all alone, so giving him a soft toy to snuggle up to should help. But if you keep going to get him and night and bring him to your room to sleep, it will become routine, and once THAT happens it will be hard to break!
So it may be better to decide soon what you want to do and stick with it!
Best of luck to you!
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I agree with everyone else he has learned that if he does that you will come and get him and a little toy would be great to some dog breeds love having a toy............That can be his friend

And welcome to the forum


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Firstly, I know absolutely zilch about proper dog training, although I agree with everything that has been said above as the same applies to kids really.

When dealing with my two I apply kiddie logic and it seems to work ok.

So, I agree with Skunkstripe on this one, he has just been taken away from his mum, and in human years he's only just over 1 years old, so of course he's lonely - a 1 year old child cries when lonely too!!

Obviously the sleeping in the bedroom thing is a personal choice. However, both my pups slept in the bedroom right from the start, they had their beds alongside ours, and it helped with house training cos they could wake me up in the night to go out for a wee, as they can't hold it all night long at that age.

My two don't sleep with us very often anymore, but our bedroom door is usually ajar so they have the choice to come in if they want. As they got older they decided where in the house they wanted to sleep. Sometimes we wake up and we have one with us, sometimes two, but more often than not, they're in the lounge.

If you're concerned about your personal space or intimate moments, don't be, they couldn't be less bothered - they're more bothered when they're shut out, cos to them, you're their pack and dog packs stick together all the time. A dog is by nature a pack animal and to be excluded from the pack is not nice for a dog. Sure, they will get used to it, I guess it kinda depends on the kind of relationship you want with your dog.

If this sounds like preaching, apologies, that's not my intention, I'm just passionate about this sort of stuff.

NB - I should just add that I'm right into the dog pack thing and fortunately for me, my lifestyle allows us all to stick together the majority of the time. I realise with work schedules etc that not everyone can do that, although I think that dogs should be part of the pack/family as much as possible and wherever possible. JMO!

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thanks for all your opinions. you've basically said what I was thinking but it is good to hear it from other people too!

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