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Default Benadryl for sleeping

A have a 7 week old min pin. I've been crate training her, and she's doing pretty well for her age. I'm having the whining and howling problem a lot of people seem to have, which I expected, however I live in an apartment and I got a noise complaint last night. I was reading the web and saw some people give their dogs benadryl to help them relax and sleep (I even saw a few websites that give dogs melatonin). My question is, can I give a puppy that is 7 weeks (she is super tiny) benadryl or melatonin? If so how much? I called my vet and asked, and he said he can't recommend anything like that unless he checks her first to make sure nothing else is causing the whining. I'm fairly sure its just seperation problems because she will stop if I pick her up. However, the vet can't get her in until the end of next week so I don't know what else to do.

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Giving benadryl to canines can be dangerous, it contains alcohol which can be potentially fatal. Ok it has its uses for anaphylaxis following bee stings, but you must talk to your Vet. People often use first generation antihistamines for temporary sleep disorders - diphenhydramine, but never self-medicate.

Good luck

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I would suspect that the first reason your pup is whining so is because she was removed from her mom and littermates too young. Pups should stay with their siblings and mom for at least 8 weeks.

Next, where does your pup sleep? IMHO, she should sleep in a crate in your room... preferably next to the bed. At her age, she should be getting a potty break at least once in the middle of the night as well.

How do you behave towards her whining? Ignoring it really is the only option to get it to really stop. If you've been comforting her while she's doing it, she's learned that it gets her attention, so she's going to keep doing it.

I, personally, would avoid giving my dog any drug unless it was absolutely necessary... especially a pup so small and so young. And, if nothing else works, I would go a more natural route... You might sheck out Rescue Remedy, Chamomile, or a velarian tincture first.

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From personal experience, benedryl does not make the pup sleep necessarily. I gave a little to Zoe for car rides, but it didnt make her sleep. But I havent been giving it to her anymore.

How long have you had the pup? If will definitely take a while for your pup to get used to being with you and part of getting a pup is dealing with the whining.

I would put a shirt or something that smells like you in the crate with her. And do not let her out or pick her up just because she is whining. That will encourage her to do it more because she is getting attention. Also you might try putting a blanket or somethinig over the crate if it is a wire crate.

Has the pup been to the vet at all? Cuz first thing you should do when bringing a pup home is getting them to the vet. So if she hasnt been yet, be sure to get her an appt ASAP

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Default been there....

I know its hard. And doubly hard when you have neighbors that are not as thrilled with your new family member.

Cyrise cried for about the first 2 weeks we had him. We kept trying different things until we found what works. But I agree. Dont ever pick him up when he whines thats a signal that whining gets attention. For me....when mine whines that means he has to go out. So I take him straight out. If he just sits there and looks at me, I load him up and take him back in and crate him up. He quickly learned that if he didnt wanta make a trip outside dont whine.

We also started covering him up with a large blanket (the whole crate). I left a small light on so that the dark wouldnt be a huge shock. We did this several times during the day, so when night time came it wasnt a big deal. He knows when he is covered he is to lay down and be quiet.

And when he was first brought home. I set my alarm to wake up about every 3 hours. I woke him up to go out and go pee. I found that if I woke him up it wasnt as hard to get him calmed down and back asleep as it was if I let him start whining and get himself all worked up. (this has also helped with potty training)

Like I said, You have to find what works for you.

Be careful with medications for humans. We have very different bodies. Chocolate to a dog is fatal, whereas a human can consume pounds and other than a tummy ache have no side effects. I agree that your vet is the best bet.

A warm hotwater bottle is a good thing too. Simulates a body (like his mommy). Or maybe throw his blanket or towel in the dryer for a few minutes before bed so its all nice and cozy.

I wish you luck! Keep your patience and hang in there, this too shall pass and youll have a whole new problem. *S* The JOYS of puppies!

Kingston, TN

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