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pomwithhairloss 03-03-2006 02:15 AM

i need some advice!!!! i rescued a lil pom yesterday...almost all his hair is gone....its flea allergies and soy allergies...i need to know what can i do to help his hair come back quicker...i do not know how long he has been like this, the lady told me she had him for 6 mths, i have a problem believing anything that comes out of her mouth...i will learn how to put pics on and show you why...if you can help please do so...:confused: he is the sweetest and smartest lil thing...i think hes cute....but others disagree....any ideas also on how to change a 2 yr old dogs name...they called him homer...i want something more fitting, he make look like a homer now, but he will come around...:confused: please hurry...hes in a sweater now, and its getting warmer here in bama...

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