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Default Hello from New Mexico =) (sort of pic heavy)

Hi, everyone. I just wanted to do a little introduction, learn more about the members here, and what this forum is all about. I've jumped around on various forums and have learned valuable things from all of them. However, I have yet to find a forum where I'm comfortable posting regularly. I read threads and whatnot, but sometimes I really want to participate but the environment is just never right. My ideal forum is somewhere positive, unbiased, and non-judgmental. I would love to find a place where I can be open about my views on all aspects of dog ownership and not be ridiculed just because my views aren't always the same as everyone elses.

Anyways, a bit about myself. I'm 20 years old, and biology student at university. I've had animals since I was born, from dogs to cats to reptiles to horses to rodents, but I adopted my first dog (not a family dog, but one I am solely responsible for) about 2.5 years ago.
It was Christmas time and my sister asked me if I wanted a dog for Christmas. I hadn't really thought of getting a dog since I had moved out of mom's house pretty recently. But I considered it and decided I would love to have a dog, but it had to be the right one for my situation. So off we went to the local city shelter. I knew I wanted a female, mediumish since I was living in an apartment, and preferably a dog I didn't think would get adopted otherwise. I came across a 35 lb border collie mix who was just terrified. When I approached her kennel, she immediately ran outside. If I went to look at her outside, she ran inside. She was pretty, sort of dainty and elegant. I inquired on her and learned that was an owner surrender (apparently he had too many dogs) and also that she had failed her temperament test. That put me off a little, but I asked to visit with her anyways. The shelter staff that attempted to leash her almost backed out because she pushed herself into the corner and growled at him. He didn't want to be bit. But he finally got a lead around her neck and we went into the visiting room. At first, she wouldn't come anywhere near me and my sister. We coaxed her gently, and after around 20 minutes, she came over to me and put both front paws in my lap. She looked up at me with big eyes and I felt how scared she was in the shelter. And so I adopted her. She felt like the right dog for me. And she is! She's a happy girl now. Still pretty afraid of strangers, but absolutely adores me and my boyfriend. She's perfect off leash, LIVES to play frisbee, and is generally just a good dog. She rarely does anything wrong, knows tons of tricks, and is so very sweet. Failing her temperament test didn't mean anything. She wouldn't ever bite unless she had to.
Here she is: My beautiful, 3 year old BC mix, Skyli

And now for the second one. Harvey came to me almost exactly one year ago. My boyfriend and I started renting a house, so we moved out of our apartment and into a house with a yard. What did that mean for me? A second dog, of course! I have a yard now, and the space for another dog. What else would I do? Anyways, before making the decision to get a second dog officially, I wanted to experiment a little because I had only had my own dog for 1 year. So I decided to foster. My very first foster was brought to my house when I was at work, so my boyfriend let him in. I was excited to see him, and rushed home when I was off. As soon as I saw him, I was in love. I walked in and he was sitting in the living room. He ran over to me and sat in front me and shifted back and forth on his front paws in what really looked like a silly dance to me. I crouched down to pet him, taking note of his face being split by white and reddish brown. He wagged his tail and wiggled about and collapsed into my lap. He was so sweet, I couldn't let him go. I told the rescue that I wanted to adopt him, and I did.
Now, unlike Skyli, he didn't end up fitting into my life as perfectly. He turned out to be pretty dog reactive and fairly dog aggressive. I struggled and struggled, but I'm grateful for him. He taught me what Skyli never could. He forced me to dig deep for information on dog training and behavior, and a whole new world unfolded before me. I'm still very new to the world of dogs (family dogs didn't count too much because I never took the initiative to REALLY learn about dogs before Harvey), but I feel like I've learned a lot and am very much looking forward to learning more about this forum and hoping I can integrate into it where I have failed in other forums. I've done everything I can for this dog. I'm working with a trainer and stuff, but I still love to learn from forums and would like to find a place to bounce ideas around.
So here is my boy Harvey, a young dog (I honestly don't know how old he is), probably Australian shepherd mix:

Sorry for writing a novel. I do really love to tell stories. =3

Now I have a question. I looked and looked for rules on posting content. I read the stuff about swear words and non-family content. No problems there. What I really want to know is, does this forum have a "theme" of sorts? I've been on pure positive forums and balanced forums and the like. What I really want is an "everything" forum. A friendly, unbiased environment to discuss everything dog-related openly. Is this a sort of place for that? I am really not interested in the constant feud between pure positive and balanced people. I just want to discuss dogs, pure and simple. I couldn't find any info on that in the rules, so I thought I had better just join and ask.

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So, you are a "failed foster". amazing how often that a=happens. Thesedogs can get into your hearts in just minutes and you just can't give them up. I havr=e read somany stories of "failed foster. But how lucky for the dog!

Ours are both adopted, a Great Pyrenees now about 8 and an 11 year old golden retriever that we adopted in Feb. Because of our ages--hubby turned 71 in March, I turned 70 today--we felt we should only adopted seniors.

I got my first very own dog for my 11th birthday, an English Setter puppy. I opted for the puppy rather than a watch and we were poor and folks couldn't pay $10 for the pup and buy me a watch as well. did get the watch the next year. Of course my dad footed the feed bill and any vet bills, but her care was up tome. Since l956, the only time I did not own a dog was Mar. 65-June 72 when hubby and I lived in Ohio. I have had owned English Setters, Irish Setters, Golden Retrievers and Great Pyrenees. Actually, the owned me.

I hope you find what you are looking for here. But I know what you mean about people can be ugly. I have seen "food snobs" telling othes they were "killing their dogs becaue they didn't feed such and such dog food.", etc. I don't think you will find that here.
By the way, your dogs are so cute.
I hope the at Harvey works out.
Hunter...forever in my heart
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Hi and welcome along Beautiful story and beautiful dogs, thanks for sharing it with us.

I think you'll find this forum very friendly and we like anything dog related. I, unfortunately, don't have my dogs anymore. I lost them both at very ripe old ages with in the last 30 months. I still visit the forum regularly to catch up on how the members and their dogs/pets are though.

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Yup, I'm a failed foster, guilty as charged. =) Honestly, I could never really be a foster. I get too selfishly attached. I would want to keep every dog.

I like English setters. I often times wonder if Harvey could have any setter in him. Sometimes the way he stands and his coloring remind me of one. But I suppose that could be anything. I'll probably never know.

Thanks for the welcome. I also hope I find what I'm looking for here. I'm definitely familiar with food snobs. I feed kibble, the grain-free costco brand Nature's Domain and often get disapproving comments because it's made by Diamond, which apparently has had many recalls. But honestly, it has pretty good ingredients. The protein could be a bit higher and the carbs a bit lower, but it has so questionable ingredients and my dogs do awesome on it. Not to mention it's half the price as things like Fromm and Merrick (and IMO, the ingredients really aren't that different).

And PMR, thanks for the welcome also. I'm sorry to hear you lost your old dogs.

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Welcome to Dog Forum!
We are a nice group of dog lovers here.
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Hi and welcome aboard to Df I have been a member for over 7 years now It's a friendly place and full of infomation etc,etc I have learnt a lot over the years so this forum is ideal for you and thank you for rescuing Harvey Enjoy the forum!!!
" Iam chillin with the forum! "

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Welcome NeonAurora, we're glad to have you join us :-)
Help us Help you! Read and understand the Terms of Service, report offensive posts and Forum Reputation.
Helpful Tips - in our FAQ Section and Newbie Guide.
Connect with members - Add yourself to the member with us!
Things to do - Start a blog. Be sure to visit the photo gallery Let's see YOU!
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Hi! If Harvey is somewhat dog aggressive, how well is he getting along with Skyli?
Some unfortunate people don't have a dog to talk to.

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Welcome to the forum. We do have a nice group of dog lovers here. Hope you enjoy being part of the group.

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Thanks, everyone, for the welcomes! =)

Originally Posted by MrJohn View Post
Hi! If Harvey is somewhat dog aggressive, how well is he getting along with Skyli?
Harvey is very selective in his aggression. He gets along with females better than males and smaller dogs better than larger ones. I can convince him to get along with any dog (provided it is not also borderline aggressive) if I introduce him the right way. He actually has five other dog play-buddies besides Skyli, one of them being a 100 pound male that he didn't get along with at first, but now loves and will play with all day and never has a problem with. As you can see in the second picture of him, he loves puppies. That is my dad's puppy that I sometimes watch when he is out, and he plays so gently with her, I couldn't believe what I was seeing the first time. Usually he's wild and plays hard. But he lets that puppy jump all over his face and he'll just lay down on his back and gently mouth her and bat her with his paws while she climbs all over him and chews on his paws.

He gets along fantastically with Skyli. When I first received Harvey as a foster and up until after I had adopted him, I had no idea he was dog aggressive because he got along with Skyli right away. He was even having a ball with my sister's French bulldog mix who decidedly hated him because he was not neutered when I got him. The Frenchie slipped his collar and got away from us for a moment and went running at Harvey, snarling and making a fuss, and Harvey just got down in a play bow and looked really happy. It wasn't until after I had adopted him and taken him to a dog park that I realized what I had gotten myself into. He and Skyli have never had a scrap, and they wrestle and chase each other around the yard. They lay on top of each other on the couch and are generally best friends.

His aggression comes to light with strange dogs only. But not all strange dogs, just the ones he decides he doesn't like. Some dogs he gets along fantastically with right off the bat, and other he acts like he wants to kill. Off leash dogs running up to us while out has proven to be quite a problem, and dog parks are a big no-no. He stares down any dog he sees, leashed or not, and will go bonkers if they come too close. He's been in three fights. One was at the dog park when I didn't know he was dog aggressive (I know, naive of me), one being with an off leash dog that came running up, and the third being with my mom's friend's dog that was also borderline dog aggressive (I didn't know that dog was going to be there, or I would have left my dogs at home). Each time, he has never done any damage. There was a lot of noise, but no actual bites, and he was pretty easy to pull away.

I'm currently working with a trainer. We've only had one session so far, but have another one scheduled. She believes that his aggression could be due to lack of early socialization (I have no idea, he was found as a stray in a city north of mine that has a massive stray dog population) and misplaced energy/drive. He is definitely a dog that has quite a lot of drive. But I'm not sure, sometimes the way he behaves has me doubting that. Hopefully this second session (she will bring her dog this time so she can observe his behavior when he sees another dog) will help me figure out what is causing his weird, selective aggression.

Sorry for the long response. This place will likely learn about me that I write novels most of the time when I post. =P

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