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Old 11-28-2013, 12:32 AM   #1
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Default Rescued a newfie

Hi, my name is Rich. I just rescued a 4 yr. old newfie boy. He is generally a good dog especially considering what the last four years have been like for him. From what I was told he was chained to a table leg in the dining room of a home and forced to live in his own feces and urine. His coat was a mess from what they tell me and was shaved by the time I picked him up at a vets office 2 hours from where I live. A few years ago my 13 yr. old newfie that I raised from a puppy died. I was missing her terribly and had been looking to rescue a younger newfie. I was called, somehow they had my name on a list somewhere that said I was an excellent owner and to call me If one came available. I don't remember putting my name on a list but they had it and I wasn't arguing. I picked the dog up, He was a little fat 160 lbs. and we put him on a diet he is doing well and has lost some weight. I only have him 3 weeks at this point. He is a bit dominant however I am more dominant and he is respecting that which is an improvement from when I first got him. My biggest issue with him is he needs to go out every 90 minutes or he will pee in the house and he poops in the house often when we are not looking. He occasionally barks to go out but he would rather poop in the house. How can I break him of this. remembering his past makes it seem like an impossible task but I don't want to give up on him he is too sweet of a dog and my other dog a 40 pound muscular mutt loves him already. They play very nicely together which pleases me. I really wan't to help this new dog become a good house pet but I have never been faced with helping a dog that was chained up inside and left to poop in the house. I need some really good ideas on helping this very nice dog. By the way his name is Big Bad Bubba Bear. He is great in every other way. He knows his commands he walks well on a leash and heals and can catch a treat thrown from across the room. I really like him and want to keep him, what can I do?

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I can't help with the problem but want to say welcome and there are some very knowledgeable people here that will lead you in the right direction.
Thank you for rescuing this dog and its no wonder he isn't house trained. Will probably require a lot of patience and consistency on your part.
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Since he hasn't been house-trained you need train him for that like you would a puppy. Take him outside every hour, after he naps, after he plays, immediately in the morning and right before bed. When you cannot supervise him either crate him or restrict him to one room. Praise a lot when he goes outside. Be patient. He has only known to go inside so far, so it'll take time to get him house trained but it can be done, so be consistent and patient.

Also, thank you for rescuing him

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Rich welcome to the forum and bless you for rescuing B B Bubba Bear. He certainly deserves a chance at a decent home and family. I am not a trainer, but can only share my previous experience. Our previous dog was adopted from a public shelter where she only knew to go to the bathroom in her concrete area. Don't think she even knew anything about grass as she and her littermates were brought to the shelter at 6 weeks old. I bought some special little really smelly liver treats that I only used outside. I started by taking her out every hour on the hour, whether she acted like she needed to go out or not. I took her on a lead so that I could see what she was or wasn't doing. If she peed or pooped, I would say "good Rosie", hug her, and give her a liver treat. After a couple of weeks, I stopped the treats and would just rub her head and mouth, say good Rosie and hug her. As time went on, "good Rosie" was our catch phrase for her to know that we were outside for her to take care of business, not just for a fun walk, and I gradually extended the time past an hour. As she got use to taking care of her business outside, I could then let her out in the fenced yard and tell her to be a "good Rosie" with a successful result. As I said, I am not a trainer, but thought I would just share my experience with the only dog we have ever had that didn't know about going outside to take care of business. Good luck. Looking forward to photos of Bear and your other dog.

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Welcome Rich, great to have you join us and bless you for rescuing this dog and giving him a home. I agree with the advice you have been given. It's hard to be patient with an issue like this but he hasn't had it easy and needs time to adjust and learn. When I had two dogs together, I would take my littler one out with my older older one proved to be a great teacher and mentor. Looking forward to hearing much more about both your dogs and hopefully seeing some pictures.
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Thank you so much for your quick replies. Bubba is a great dog. My carpets are already trashed from my other dog so I am not too concerned about the carpets however I have titanium rods in my lower back and plates in my neck and bending to clean the messes is painful to say the least. I will keep on training BBBB as I am pretty sure we can work out this issue and both the dog and I will be good friends for many years.

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Welcome Rich and Bubba. I am sure things will work out. The advice you have been given is really good. Bless you for rescuing
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Rich, welcome to the forum! Bless you for rescuing Bubba. You've been given great advise. It's just going to take some time. Again, welcome!

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