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Default Newbie In Need of Crate Training Advice!

Hi there,

With a new house move means the move-in of our young dog (7/8 months) Monty (a min pin x min schnauzer), who was a christmas present but because of our current tenancy agreement he has been living with my mum. We move this month so he's going to be moving in! Finally! My mum hasn't toilet trained him yet, and has been letting her sleep in her bed. My son and partner sleep in our small double already so there's no room for wriggly puppies unfortunately! He has a very loud bark and cry though... So need tips on fast and effective crate training to combat the sleeping arrangement issue and also to begin toilet-training him.

Any advice for me?

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HI Mosma Welcome aboard and while you have asked for crate training advice ( Iam not a keen lover of crateing, but they do have their uses )
What I did with my pup who is now 6 years ols ( See Avatar) is from day one when I bought her home was get her a nice comfy bed and to stop her crying is put a old 'T' shirt with my body scent on it and a ticking alarm clock which I put under the bedding and left them both
there for well over a month the 'T' shirt gave my pup reassurance that I hadn't left her and the ticking clock ressembles the mother's heartbeat!! And it worked no crying and a good nights sleep So I f you want to try that way fair enough. If you want crate train ( which I believe should be temporary thing!)then you have to make it fun place to be On intial training I would leave the door open close it for 1 second then open again and repeat over a period of time with the door being closed for longer etc and always praise when Monty complies and is well behaved with the door closed treats can also be used as well as praise but recommend the treats are weaned off once he has understood that's his bed space!

On the potty training well this miay be a little harder due to the fact your mum has been training him on this At 7 months old he should be able to hold out a lot longer than a 8 week old puppy What you need to do is every 30 mins after feeding/drinking playing take him for a walk and potty and again take treats with you and plenty of praise and when he goes outside praise,praise,praise and treat if he makes the odd mistake in the house please don't tell him off this will only set you back and he will find some where else in house to go behind your back sojust clean up and take him straight out an go from there You will like it here and good luck and keeps us informed of Monty's progress please
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Thanks Monkey! I been fleeced Thanks Skunkstripe. Dave


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Paige, welcome to the Forum!

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The video Kaos posted is excellent and most experienced dog owners will agree that having a dog that is comfortable using a crate is beneficial to both its safety and comfort. You might also want to have a look at this thread:

How to: Crate Train
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