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Old 01-25-2009, 02:43 AM   #1
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Default G'Day newbie here

Hello thought it was time for an introduction before I began posting replies and make a goof of myself to ya’ll. I was surfing on the web looking for pet forums and came across this one a while back... so now it's time i said a big hello and hope to read, chat and meet you all and your furries!

A small intro of me and the loves of my life! My furkids, I am proud to say I’m owned by a number of pets. Lucky for me at the moment I share my home with my parents so it means there are two extras that are mine to love and enjoy.

All up I have 6 German shepherds however (3 live with me and one is here while I baby sit him until he returns home soon) I have also 1 ragdoll kitten and we also have a Pomeranian and a Birman cat.

I am a young GSD breeder in my 2nd year now and I cannot express how much I adore this breed. Naturally I have owned various breeds in my life but the GSD some how keeps back time and time again into my life. Saying that I am a keen participator in the training side of the breed and their working abilities. I don’t show my dogs nor would the straight backs be classes as show quality, non the less I love to talk dogs all day long and as close friends know I certainly AM a chatter box when it comes to my animals. Somewhere 6 years ago I used to be a cat breeder but discovered the true fulfillment of my dogs.

I hope to meet you all and see what you do with your pets. Be it stay at homes pets or whatever. I love rare breeds and various kinds of animals. BUT MY DOGS rule my heart… well ok so does my raggie lol! Along with my pets I am passionate about photography and of course having pets… who else would be my subjects?? lol

I think I have waffled off enough and hope to meet you all. I know I certainly can learn from a place like this and look forward to chatting about DOGS!

Cheers from my crew and me and some photos of my mob for you to enjoy!
Thank you for reading

My baby girl who is due to be a mamma in 4 weeks Abby

Her Sibling Cluey Chloe of course.. she’s the apple of my eye

This is Roary my boy I bred from my first litter last year who is with me until he returns back to his home, he’s only 6 months now.

the lovely and old gal Pipa the Pom

now for the kitties.. I know it’s a doggy forum but I cant forget them…???
Sash the Birman

Levi the Raggie

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Old 01-25-2009, 08:00 AM   #2
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gorgeous dogs, and I love ragdolls, is the last one a blue torti mitted with a blaze? And is the one above a blue birman?
thanks for the sigpic Fede.
Don't blame the wrong end of the lead.
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Owned by Honey and Diesel the hounds. Saffy the mini beast. Karma and Tinsel the cats. Drew and Harley the rabbits. Misty and Myth the Chinchillas. And Sunshine, Sawyer, Sailor and Swift the fish!

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Old 01-25-2009, 09:30 AM   #3
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Hello cuko and

What a great introduction! Glad you joined and I hope you enjoy it here!
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Thanks Fede for the sigpic!

I've been fleeced by Draco!

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Old 01-25-2009, 09:33 AM   #4
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Hi There

Lovely photos and lovely dogs and little cat lovely

We have 4 standard schnauzers not rare but I dont seem to be able to find any others here but I like to be different lol lol there are some fantastic breeds on here that you dont often come across so Im sure you will be as addicted to this site as I am very soon

We had our first litter with Molly this year so can appreciate your wonderment in the breeding side of careing for your dogs and the importance of doing things spot on for the mum pups and the breed, we kept Mabel from the litter and shes adorable

Good luck with your preggie mum you must keep us updated on her progress and lots of phots would be good

Nice to meet you

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Old 01-25-2009, 10:35 AM   #5
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from me and my Gang including Keri the 16 year old Birman.
My dogs are my Life

Ive got the do you. Thanks Sheplovr

The picture is of My Two Borzois Pellow and Rye I also had a Golden Oldie named Ludmilla who went to the Bridge on 14.03.07 and my special wee man Brodie who sadly went to the bridge on 22 August 2008 All loved and missed as are all the others who have gone before I still have little Faun my dachshund and last but by no means least Keri the Birman Cat.

Borzois are like chocolates one is never enough

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Old 01-25-2009, 11:27 PM   #6
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cuko. Your babies are all adorable. Hope you enjoy the forum.
"I've got the , do you?" & "I'm chillin' with the forum! " "I've been fleeced by JGLI!"
Thanx sheplovr & JGLI

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Old 01-25-2009, 11:30 PM   #7
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Hello and Welcome to the Dog Forum. Nice photos of your pets, I bet the Shepherd is the Checq East lines? She should soon put some weight on with puppies, mine get little too much on as they do not run as I cannot run. lol. Glad to see Shepherd people coming, I have six imported from Germany West Lines. Looking at two babies to come soon. Enjoy....

"Don't make the mistake of treating your dogs like humans, or they'll treat you like dogs."


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Old 01-25-2009, 11:52 PM   #8
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G'day Cuko and a big welcome to the'll love it here. LOL.
May I add for other forum members, that my black shep, Akira, was bred by Cuko...well done girl!!!!

To err is human, to forgive, canine.

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Old 01-26-2009, 08:23 AM   #9
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WOW thank you all for the WONDERFUL WELCOME!!!

Chaz Levi is a Blue Lynx (i'm used to Birman terms tabby as i used to breed them) so Raggie terms i'm adjusting to! His Half sister which i nearly brought home with me is a tortie. and yes mitted with a blaze.. i will get there.. lol all Birmans are mitted (well the show ones, thus my confusion when i introduce Levi) or as he's known my Shadow!

Thank you Skunstripe i am terrible at these intros but i like to meet people straight off and let them know what i'm about too... sometimes it's for the better sometimes for the worse i guess... one can only punt in introductions and new forums.

HELLO JANIE!!! *waves* WOW Schnauzers they are cute.. i love the minitures.. think they have sooo much personality! Good luck with them, thank you and i'm a photo fanatic so i'm sure you'll all get sick of my photos! hehe

Borzoi mad - Thank you and WOW that's a brilliant age on your Birman.. certainly would love to see some photos!

Thank you Little Lucy - i'm sure i will!

sheplovr - Thank you and i see we have something in common lol! actually from what i know she's mainly DDR lines thus why she's precious to me and i believe some West lines also. I have another girl who is all East lines thus giving me a nice variety. I do have a male who has some Czech lines but i find them smaller then the west.. so hmmm something to ponder later down the track perhaps.

The Stud i used for this litter is also of solid West lines and is a massive 60kilo dog. he's now retired from the police as a proven producer and i'm honored to have his last litter. Being Abby's first i'm all excited and hope that i get myself a nice male puppy to keep. But what will be will be as long as she's ok thru the whole process.

weight YES she's a porker at the moment and eating more then she ever has.. but i can see it's all puppies.. she only loks to have 4 as the stud is massive i will dig out photos of him and her together and well lol you will see she looksl iek a 4month old pup next to him!

I wish Abby was fat.. Chloe is going to be a nice body shape but Abby is a true "Drovers dog" all bag and bones as they say and when you have some weight on you like i do a thin dog and a fat you.. well hehe you can imagine the looks i get but pft to them.. she is always on the go go go

certainly would love to know more about our 6 imported GMY WEST lines... who they are from etc... great to have another GSD on a forum to enjoy! Do you show? or do all showing Schutzhund etc? Schutzhund here in OZ isn't looking good at the moment especially in the state of victoria.. very sad for us dog sport enthusiasts!

GDAY STRANGER!! LOL!! what a small world hehe.. even the online one is a small one.. lol!! Well yes and Alasse's girl Nika is Akiras sister... and Raory is their brother.. the pratt... lol thank you! and hehe dejavu lol

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Old 01-26-2009, 08:40 AM   #10
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Hello & welcome to df from another ozzie. Your furkids are all gorgeous.

Thanks to skunkstripe for my beautiful, new, siggy. I HAVE BEEN KISSED!! sheplovr. thanks
"I'm chillin' with the forum! "thanx sheplovr
"I've been fleeced by Draco!" thanx.

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