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Old 01-02-2009, 11:29 AM   #1
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Default Help - owner of 2 sausages...


I know this probably the sompletely wrong reasont o be on here and sign up, but I'm considering a new home for my babies. It breaks my heart to consider this as I swore I'd never do it... So I'm looking for advice and help!

We have 2 sausages, 5 years old. (Mini short haired). They're pedigree, spoiled rotten and very very loving. We've recently had a baby (4 months ago) and they're acting up. (understandably as they've always been treated like kids themselves!) We have recently relocated to Southampton and have stairs that they're unable to use as they're very steep. So it means they get locked down stairs by a stairgate all day until we go to bed (unless I'm home and drag them up and down with the baby each time). They've always had the run of the house and this is very infair now that they have limited space - though they do have the garden, they like our company a lot, and dont always go outside...

I have found that I'm out a lot more at mom's groups, shopping, walking, visiting etc now and they're not able to come with most of the time. They were used to hubby working at home, then when we relocated I was on maternity leave and home all the time when he started working in the office. Now that the little one is here, they're not happy anymore. They dont get to chew his toys when every toy in the house had always been thairs. They take second place when I'm busy with him and they want attention. We love them to bits but they're acting now and I'm convinced it's beacuse they're not happy anymore. I think it's unfair to keep them in the situation for our own selfish desire of pets as we've always had dogs since I was a baby.

I have no clue how to go about looking for a decent home and will be very picky as thay have such individual unique special personalities and I would not let them go to somewhere where they would not be spoiled and loved as much as here...

Any advice would be more than welcome please!

Bev... (very sad!)

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I'm sorry that you have come here under such unfortunate circumstances, and wish you all the luck with it.
thanks for the sigpic Fede.
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i'm sorry to that u have to let them go. i wish u well. TO find the right home addvertise them in the paper and on the net then if u get any responses arrange a meeting at the persons house so u can see the house and meet the people. hpoe thaat helps. let me no how it goes


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I would apologise beforehand if this sounds harsh, but I had dogs when my baby was young and a lot of other people have too cope are you sure you and your husband have really thought this through.

They were your babies and now the real thing has come along you have decidesdto re-home the dogs that is so sad.

I would not advertise them in a newspaper or on line. I would if they have to find a new home , go back to the breeder and tell her of your circumstances and if she/he is a caring breeder at all will either take them back from you or perhaps the breeder may know of someone who would give them a nerw home. Failing that I would ccntact the Breed Clubs . I would not at the moment approach the other resscue societies as they will be inundated with rescue dogs at this time just after Christmas.

I implore you to think again and see if it is possible to keep them and give them time to accept your nerw baby I know it is not easy when you have a young baby, but I feel they should be given slightly longer than 4 months to see if they will settle down,

I know you said there have been other changes but surely they should be given a chance.

It is really sad but one of the main reasons dogs end up in rescue is when a newe babsy comes along or when there is a marriage break down.
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I take it you mean Daschunds.. as that is the correct name for them

This is so sad, it seems to be one of the main reasons dogs find themselves in rescue..people having babies then deciding the dogs no longer fit in with their lifestyle.

If the welfare of these dogs is your concern, the breeder of both dogs should be your first port of call.. if they are responsible they will take them back..failing that, ge tin touch with breed rescue.

Sadly they will have heard this story before , as it is not and wont be the last time they hear this reason for owners giving up their pets.
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I agree with Borzoi I raised my children around Rotties the dogs were there before the kids. I think it would be better to treat your dogs as dogs and if you keep them create a new routine for them that adjusts to your life with baby. Dogs don't hold grudges they will not become emotional or feel that they have been pushed out. The best thing you can do for your little one is to keep the dogs and let your child know the joys of owning dogs. They teach children so much, my kids have always known how to behave and respect any animal they have come across.

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Old 01-02-2009, 05:43 PM   #7
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I wholeheartedly agree with Borzoi Mad. I rescued a small dog from the same circumstances...discarded when the baby came. He is the most adorable little guy and my luck that he came into my life. PLEASE give them a bit more time. I'm sure it will all work out.

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I can't speak from experience here as sadly I was not destined to be a mother myself - but I just wanted to point out that the over-riding message in Bev's post, as far as I can see, was that she feels the changes in her life are unfair on her dogs and making THEM unhappy - not that they are now an inconvenience. I know it doesn't effect the decision really, but perhaps we shouldn't judge the reasons too harshly.

Even so, have a re-think Bev - your daxies will get used to a new routine in time. Dogs live in the moment (oooh get me) and are very adaptable - they don't bear grudges, they'll soon accept their revised station in life. If you could harden your heart (I too am the owner of a spoilt dog) and devise a routine to accommodate two dogs rather than two furry children, would it change your mind?

For advice on how to deal with bratty dogs acting out, look no further than the "Deterioration in behaviour" thread!

All the best with your decision.

Susie x

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Old 01-02-2009, 07:12 PM   #9
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Hi Brittibabe and a big to Dogforum. What a sad story, but it needn't be The thing is your new baby has to take the place in the pack, the dogs then are at the bottom of the pack but they are still yours. The only thing that worries me you have probably over done it on the spoiling of your dogs,
I did read your post but can't remember if you had them from pups or not. Many members have had kids after having dog(s) around for a long time then had kids but still kept their dog(s) It can be done So stick around and get some advice on this I can't suggest anthing other than it's possible to intergrate the new child in to a home with 2 dogs And no you did the right thing is signing up to a forum!! Thats what we are here for to help each other! So you aren't alone now you have found us. Hope it all works out for you your family and and your dogs!! ATB xx

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Welcome to DogForum!

I'd give the dogs some more time to adjust. In 6 more months if they are unhappy, then re-consider re-homing them. For now, there have been a lot of new changes & they need time to adjust to them.

I'm chillin' with the forum!

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