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Old 11-11-2008, 01:19 PM   #1
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Smile Buzz the British Bulldog

Hi all!
New to this site as we collected our gorgeous 2 year old English Bulldog (who is actually french and only understands french at the moment!!) only last week.

Have to say he is the BEST, loads of fun, adorable with the kids and visitors and very well toilet trained as he just barks at the door when he wants to go! His previous owners are currently renovating a house and have just got a new business so their time is taken yp but he has been really well looked after and trained and we're so lucky to have him here with us.

Just 2 small problems....and they're very small in he scheme of things but if there is anything we can do, we'd love the advice!

1. Smelly trumps - oh my god!! We havent chnaged his diet at all, he eats approx 400g of Fido dog biscuits in a morning then a few treats during the day but he is SOOO smelly!! LOL! Can anyone suggest anything..apart from a bung!

2. He pulls quite alot on the lead, he's used to other dogs but anything smaller like birds, cats and ducks..he has to go after them, and to be honest he just pulls in general! Seems like he's in a rush and when we try and use the *heel* he just gets worse.....luckily although he is very strong he's not managed to overpower us just yet but we'd like the kids to be able to walk with him too or even let him off the lead when we're out - ANY HELP?????

Thanks in advance

Ange, Tom, Anya, Ben ad Buzz the bulldog x x

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Old 11-11-2008, 01:38 PM   #2
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Hi Ange and

Glad you joined us!

I think you're likely to get more replies to your questions on your other thread,
as this is kind of the area where we make sure that new members get a warm welcome.

PS Great pic of Buzz, he looks very handsome!
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Thanks Fede for the sigpic!

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Old 11-11-2008, 01:42 PM   #3
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He sure is a cutie whatever the problems, he was just not trained to walk or heel properly so he pulls like most dogs will do.

I raised a female, Brita, from a puppy. Had a Boston then before I got into German Shepherds, took them to every horse show as we left for the weekends. They walked miles at shows together so politely and really never got a lesson how to heel, just walked beside us or we finally got bikes to ride from camper to show ring. He made a basket from milk cartons and I made a sponge pad so they could ride behind us as they loved horse shows and the people and horses.

Brita was not a big eater when grown. She might of eaten more had I given her? You might want to split his meals some to keep his tummy full rather than one big meal, split to 2 or 3 even. Add maybe a bit of canned food for better taste and a filler too.?

I have never seen a mean Eng Bulldog in all my long years and many dog breeds. they are lovers and people dogs. Love kids, playing and walking. Brita was not a runner much, she would trot some but never in a hurry. I love the breed beside the skin issues they can have. I had to clean her lap over her nose as it got no air and was a mess often if I left it go. Used a baby wipe and cleaned it good and powder to keep it dry. It got kinda greasy.

Your dog is a sweetie and enjoy him as their life span is so short. Work on heel command by turning him around soon as he starts to pull, then make him sit til given command to forward or walk on. Keep doing this daily till he gets it down, they are stubborn to train also. Be patient and just give a 360 turn soon as he starts to pull, the sit a few seconds, the procede. Gool Luck with him.....Nice boy!!

"Don't make the mistake of treating your dogs like humans, or they'll treat you like dogs."


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Old 11-11-2008, 02:23 PM   #4
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Thanks for that!
It's only early days so we'll keep the trying the 360 turn method and see what happens and we'll start the food thing tomorrow and hopefully wont have to carry air freshener around the house with us as often!
Thanks again!

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Old 11-11-2008, 03:14 PM   #5
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Ange and Buzz. Hope you enjoy the forum.
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Thanx sheplovr & JGLI

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Old 11-13-2008, 08:38 AM   #6
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Hello & welcome to df. Glad to have you aboard.

Thanks to skunkstripe for my beautiful, new, siggy. I HAVE BEEN KISSED!! sheplovr. thanks
"I'm chillin' with the forum! "thanx sheplovr
"I've been fleeced by Draco!" thanx.

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