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Default Labrador Retrievers

Hi, we're looking to get out very first dog (ever). I'm actually quite scared of dogs and I feel that by getting our own dog, I could learn to overcome my fear. We also have a 6yr old son. My husband is leaning towards a Labrador but I'm not so sure about them.

Has anyone got experience of this breed? What are their good/bad aspects?

I've been researching for several months now and I'm leaning more towards an Anatolian Shepherd but I'm not even sure I'd be able to get one of them in this country. Other than a Lab, my husband would like a Siberian Husky but I'm afraid I'm not strong enough for one of them.

Can someone shed light of what breed would be good for a first timer trying to overcome her fear of dogs?


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Hello diamonds and welcome to the forum.
Labs are very popular in the US because they make good family dogs I think. Labradors are generally good natured, love to swim and play, and little kids can be clumsy with them. It wasn't that long ago that another member asked almost the same thing so I'll post the link to that thread for you.
I lived with a Husky once and they are great dogs too. Very very high energy though. Unless someone is going to go jogging or bicycling every day they may not get their daily dose of exercise.
Hope that helps!
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A husky is defiantly NOT a good dog for a first time dog owner . A lab is good, they make great pets . Like any pup. Its hard work for the first year or two as this is when they need the most attention and when they have the most energy. But if you join a puppy training class this will help a lot. The breed I most recommend to first time dog owners are cavalier king Charles spaniels. They are not to big and don't need loads of exercise and they are not to over excitable yet they love to play and are also happy to spend time not doing much in doors

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Hi there. To be honest, as much as I love labs, with a fear of dogs and a young child I would say a lab would probably be wrong for you. Labs are very loving dogs - sometimes too much so - and they like to show it. They are very boisterous and often take life at 100 miles per hour. A young pup will be very mouthy and bouncy and may accidentely knock your son over. They also stay puppies until the age of 2 (often older...they never really grow up) so you end up with a 30kg+ dog who loves everyone and has the brain of a puppy. They are also very strong on the lead and have a reputation for being pullers, though this can be easily remedied with good training.

I don't mean to sound negative about labs at all...I just think that, in your situation, it may be the wrong thing. Especially with your fear of dogs I would think that a quieter and calmer breed would be better to help you overcome it but that's just my may work out very well.

Any puppy of any breed will be hard work and more boisterous than the adult version. With your dog fear I would think that maybe a medium sized dog quieter would be better rather than a large and high energy one. Vinya's suggestion of a a Cavalier KC sounds great to me - they are lovely little dogs, quiet, affectionate and gentle but playful enough for your son to enjoy.

All the best with your search. I hope it goes well for you and helps out with your fears. If you have any questions about labs, though I'm no expert just a regular lab owner, I'd be happy to help.
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Hello & welcome to df. I have had dogs all my life, & an not scared of them. And I would never have a labrador. They are lovely, friendly dogs, but are very strong & boisterous, as already said.
Husky's are lovely dogs too but are stubborn to train & shed a lot. Anatolians are solitary dogs, bred to guard sheep in the paddocks on their own. Other than that I don't know much about them, other than one went to a puppy walker I used to know to be traineed as a guide dog. It wasn't up to the standard & failed the test.

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