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Default How Breeders Portray the APBT

A friend left a copy of a popular dog magazine for me that featured the APBT as it's "dog of the month". I was thrilled to see this beautiful breed get some positive publicity. The article focused primarily on how they have such a bad reputation but in all actuality, if raised correctly, are wonderful family dogs. I know this to be true so I was so happy to read this article. I then got to the back of the magazine where the breeders advertise. In complete contradiction to what the article's intent was, the APBT breeder advertisements portrayed the dogs with chains, choke collars, lighting bolts and fire and make them out to be the menacing dogs that people love to complain about and discriminate against. Why would they not show these dogs with families and children (although one breeder did include a picture with a child). If breeders' intentions are to better the breed and stop the banning and discrimination - why would they show them in a manner such as this? I am not saying any of these breeders are ill intentioned and are targeting the wrong people for their dogs, but these advertisements are not targeted at families, which is where these dogs belong. It made me mad but even moreso, it made me incredibly sad.

The top 10 reasons to spay/neuter your dog just died in a shelter.

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I know. A person complains about how people say their pittie isn't vicious, but they don't train him and get mad when people point out that their dog is dangerous because it's undersocialized and untrained. Yes, it happens to all breeds. Aggressive goldens, labs, flatties, but when a APBT breeder does it- whole 'nother story. They're supposed to be knowledgeable about the breed and support positive images. Now showing off how muscular and potentially dangerous the dog -can- be.

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Cassidy, I couldn't agree more with the point of your post. It is sad to see the image that breeders of certain breeds give the general public. Poor education at its worst & all it does is lead to BSL. Sad, but true.
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That is sad. I'm not sure where I read it but somewhere they want to or have proposed legeslation that ex-cons cannot own so called "bully" breeds because they train them as weapons. Those typed of ads bring out the wrong kind of owners.
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