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Question Bullmastiff rescue information

I would like to rescue a bullmastiff, I have done research on the breed and found out that you should socialize them when they are young for best results. I have children and would like for them to grow together. I would like to know if there a any places that rescue puppies? I'm ready to purchase one but I would love to rescue one or two.

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They are beautiful dogs
Any dog regardless of breed should be socialised heavily with children. However it's probably slightly more important with the larger breeds simply because of the damage they could inflict should they so wish.

I don't know how rescue works in the US. Here, we have 'breed rescues' which are all over the internet. They would be a good place to start. Be completley honest with them about your circumstances, then if they have anything that will fit into your life they will tell you.

How old are your children? If they are very young then I personally would get an 8 week old pup and start from scratch....but before you do that, please take time to research the health problems associated with the breed, and also the breeder that you plan to buy from. A good breeder should ask you the most horrendous amount of questions to make sure that the dog is right for you. They should also have the dog back at any stage during it's life should anything go wrong for you. Write a list of everything you want to know and don't be afraid to ask. Again, a good breeder will have nothing to hide and not mind all the questions!

I was looking at the rescue sites here the other day and saw a huge 5 month old mastiff called Wayne. He was by all accounts a great big softy I wanted him. (And all the others!)

Good Luck and let us know how you get on

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I applaud your efforts to rescue. Thank you! But, depending on the age of your children it's highly unlikely that a reputable breed rescue or breeder would adopt one pup to you, let alone two. There's too many risks involved and they want to take every possible precaution to make sure the dog finds its forever home. Not trying to burst your bubble, but preparing you for the possibility. Even something untentional becomes a catastrophe when you are talking about a dog that is well over 100 lbs and a child.

Also, please reconsider ever getting two puppies at the same time. The puppies tend to bond more closely with each other than with you, which automatically makes training 100 times harder. You'll have to make a special effort to spend lots of time individually with each pup out of sight of the other.

In your situation, unless the children in your house are over 10, I'd check out shelters and rescues for a temperament-tested medium sized mixed breed and maybe put the mastiff dream off for a few years.

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