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Default Rottweiler breed

hi guys!!

I'm planning to buy a Rottweiler puppy and i heard they are very aggressive breed. I already have German sharped, she is very loyal and can train easily. Can we train Rottweiler easily?? Are they good with kids?? Are they aggressive like bite their own master??

thank you

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They can be good with kids, they can be aggressive. It really depends on training. For rottweilers training is a must or they can turn out horrible! Rottweilers tend to be a loyal breed and usually will respond best to one main handler. They can be good with kids, but still some cautions should be taken for the safety of the kids.

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I'd do a lot of research and make sure it's a breed you can handle/that fits what you want.

Also, if you plan on getting a puppy make sure you get from a reputable breeder(one that is breeding stable dogs, doing genetic testing, etc). Because genetics is a big factor in a dog being stable(how they are raised/socialized is also important but you want to have a stable base to start from)

If you're interested in getting an adult one or even a young one but not complete puppy sometimes breeders do have those for sale but you can also search for a breed specific rescue. The good thing about those rescues is: they know the Breed so they can help you out, they also have time to get to know the individual dogs and can help you find a dog that will fit what you are looking for.

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Have never had a Rottweiler, but there are many sites where you can find breed info. Here's just one.
Training and socialization seem to be very important.
Rottweiler Dog Breed Information and Pictures

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Rottweilers need a great amount of devotion to time and attention, which is why they're typically described as a breed for the more experienced dog owners. They are also very enthusiastic so will need good control (esp. regarding children). Exercise is of a great demand due to their muscular nature, though when it comes to grooming it's fairly simple and their coats produce these beautiful shines very easily! In relation to aggression, they are very loyal to their master/trainer, so you would hope for this to not be a problem - it all falls back on to the training the dog has received - same goes for with children.

Like previous posters, research is definitely key! All the best.
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We live in a small town and some 15 or so years ago I was walking 4 miles a day (sciatica and other health problems put an end to that). I sometimes broke my walk up and would take one of my golden retrievers with me. My walk took down the street two over where it was wooded on both sides and no houses for a good distance.

Judt before I got to that area there was a house facing a street that dead ended into the one I was on so I had view of side and back yard (very large corner lot) and in the back there was a large rottie chained to a tree. That dog would start barking viciously and then run as hard as he could til he hit the end of his chain and would actually be jerked off his feet he hit it with such force. If I was alone, he paid no attention but he sure wanted to get at whichever dog I had with me. I got warred that he might break his collar or snap the chain, so stopped taking my dogs with me.

I assed on other yard that was on a corner on another street and they had a rottie but it was in a fenced yard. He would run along the fence barking, but was not the same "I am going to rip your throat out" type sound the other one made.

Now my niece and her hubby had one that passed away a few years ago that my brother described as a "big marshmallow". He had had a nasty expiree with one while in the fire department and he was nervous of their dog til he was around her for a while. They also had min-oins at the same time and there was no problem. They are not a dog I want, I am a little leary of them. But some folks would not want a Great Pyrenees like we have either. Read up and then decide.
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Here's another site Dog Breeds | The largest library of dog breeds online. I think any puppy should be socialised not just with other dogs,but people too Around 12 weeks or after the booster vaccs have been given They sound a very head strong breed and will need a firm but fair hand (metaphoically speaking!) to raise them. Also check both parents out and the puppies from a reputal breeder no gum tree ads as others have said Do Your Research Good luck! Let us know how you get on please
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