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Default Extinct dog breeds

I thought it might be interesting and educational to start a thread about extinct dog breeds.

Feel free to post more when you find them.

This is what they call a Blue Paul Terrier.

This is a pic----

The Blue Paul Terrier resembled our contemporary pit dogs. They had a smooth coat and were powerfully built. They weighed about 20 kg and measured up to 50 cm at the withers. The head was large; the forehead was flat, muscle short and square, large and broad but not receding like that of the Bulldog. The jaws and teeth were even with no overchanging flews. They had a slight dip between the eyes, which were dark hazel and not sunken, prominent, nor showing haw. The ears were small, thin, set on high, and invariably cropped, and the face was not wrinkled. The eyebrows contracted or knit. The facial expression of the Blue Paul has never been seen in any other breed and can frequently be recognized in mixed-breed dogs. The body was round and well ribbed up, its back short, broad, and muscular but not roached, and its chest deep and wide. The tail was set low and devoid of fringe, rather drooping and never rising above the back. The dog stood straight and firmly on its legs. Its forelegs were stout and muscular, showing no curve. The hind legs were very thick and strong, with well-developed muscles. The colour was dark blue as can be seen in Greyhounds; however, they sometimes produced brindles or reds, which were known as red smuts in Scotland.


No one seems to have full knowledge as to how the Blue Pauls were bred or from where they originally came. There was a story that John Paul Jones, the American sailor, brought them from abroad and landed some when he visited his native town of Kirkcudbright about 1770. The gypsies around the Kin Tilloch district kept Blue Pauls, which they fought for their own amusement. They were game to the death and could suffer much punishment. They were expert and tricky in their fighting tactics, which made them great favorites with those who indulged in this sport. They maintained that the breed originally came from the Galloway coast, which lends support to the Paul Jones legend. The first dogs to arrive in the United States with the English immigrants in the mid-19th century were the Blue Paul Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


With his excellent fighting skills, the Blue Paul was introduced as part of Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeding in the early 19th century and the blue colouring has appeared in Staffords ever since, in particular, the Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier. It has also appeared in Pitbulls and a bluetick coloration also appears due to inbreeding.

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=D that was informative. I never really thought of dog breeds that were extinct.
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Post Circassian Hare Hound

From "Twentieth Century Dog" in 1904


Without a doubt one of the most beautiful foreign dogs ever seen in England is the Circassion Harehound, which may also be said to be quite unique in this country. I happened to see it at the Botanic Gardens Show in 1903, and gladly availed myself the opportunity afforded me of getting something really novel for a dog book.
I am indebted to Mrs. Ross for the following description and particulars of the little dog.

The Circassion Harehound is, in appearance like a diminutive deerhound, but has silkier and longer hair, of a variegated greyish tint, and a curly bushy tail. Its parents came from Teheran in Persia, but I believe the natural home of the breed is in the part of Russia below the Caucas Mountains. The sire and dam were imported into Italy, where the dog was born about March 1900. She weighs 31 lbs., and stands 20 1/2 inches at the shoulder. Her eyes are a dark-blue with brown outlines to the pupils; ears short and covered with smooth hair, carried neatly folded back in repose, but when excited, she cocks them beautifully; tail very long, heavily feathered and rings - when excited it has something of the appearance of a circular fan; her coat is longer than the average deerhound's, inclined to be straight, and of a graduated shade of grey, with white chest and feet; she has a very long second thigh, well bent stifles, and hocks well let down; front legs dead straight; hare-footed, and rather large feet, probably adapted for running in a sandy country.She is extraordinarily fleet, and has beaten greyhounds that have won prizes, being able to turn in half the space or time of any dog she has yet been matched with. She is very gentle and playful, and an ideal dog for a lady or a child. When gamboling with other dogs she has the most graceful action, and is as agile as a cat. I have tried very hard to get a dog to mate with her, but found it impossible, as I believe she is the only one of her breed in England. She has attracted great attention whenever she has been exhibited, and is much admired by every one who sees her, both for her beauty and for her charmingly friendly disposition.
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Black Boxers are now extinct. I think around 1940 they went extinct.

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dandie dinmonts getting that way
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Found info on the "Tweed Water Spaniel" which supposedly makes up about 25 % of the genes of modern Golden Retrievers.
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Hawaiin poi dogs are extinct too is a short list of "extinct dog breeds"..courtesy of wikipedia
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I had no idea! What an interesting (and very sad) thread. Thanks for the info.
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Irish Water Spaniels are an endangered breed too - its very sad. I wonder if its partly to do with gun dog sports becoming less popular. I'd hate to think Jake's breed goes extinct they have such a wonderful temperament. I think that there has also been too much interbreeding resulting in deaths around 6 years of age!

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I want to know what happened to the original "black and tan " terrier.. The foundation of soooooo many breeds- now gone- and why??? Anyone know? Long believed that no longer needed as a ratter- welll ...

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