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Old 12-17-2006, 05:33 AM   #1
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Default Dogs for Grads

I always had dogs growing up until my parents got divorced: mom got the house, dad got the dog. This spring I am graduating from college and moving to NYC with a friend. We are gonna have limited space and both be working 40+ hours a week. Also, we are both fans of bigger dogs, labs, german shepards etc... but understand the costs and lack of space might be prohibative.

Any suggestions or ideas would be great. Thanks!

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Old 12-17-2006, 08:43 AM   #2
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Welcome to

You should probably get a dog that is not as active as the ones you mentioned. If you are both working 40 plus hours a week a Lab or German Shepherd maybe too active for that type of lifestyle unless of course you are willing to get up very early and walk the dog and when you get home after supper you are wiling to once again walk, run and play with your dog. I did make that sacrifice to have my Dobermans. Both Hubby and I work 40 plus hours a week ( not now he does I do not ) but our dogs did great and got lots of exercise and play time. Weekends revolved around our dogs as did most of our sparetime, it was not a chore we love our dogs and enjoy every minute spent with them. So if you want a larger more active dog that is what you are looking at. ALL dogs are going to need you time and energy before and after work are you prepared to devote that to a dog ? If so there are many dogs that would suit your lifestyle. A dog lives a longtime so make sure you are ready for that lifetime commitment as well.

Have a look at this website it has a lot of very good info on breeds:

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Hi there and welcome

I agree with Doberman's, if you and your roomie can take the dog jogging and of course out for a romp mornings and evenings then you can get it to work. If not you may end up with an unhappy dog on your hands.

I have no experience owning a dog in the big city, let alone a big one. Another suggestion would be to get an adult dog, they are more mellow and don't need as much exercise as the young ones.

Good luck to you there are some great adoption agencies in NYC though, maybe they can help with advice.
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Most new grads will go through many changes of home, job and possibly area in a fairly short space of time. Relationships may also come and go (with their likes, dislikes, allergies etc), and there is usually a good chance that an active social life will happen in the evenings. I know at this stage of my life I too desperately missed living with a dog but just wasn't stable enough to offer one a good home.

I now own my own home (or the bank does!), and have a permanent partner and together we have chosen to own dogs (finally!). We do both work full time, but I am happy to return home immediately after work, and during week days we make sure one of us is home all evening. It is simply not fair to expect any dog to cope with being alone all day then alone again while you go out in the evenings. This is a huge commitment, and I know I couldn't have coped with that lifestyle when I was younger.

Of course everyone is different, and this is just a generalisation, but do think carefully about how you will feel when everyone stays behind for drinks after work every Friday night and you have to leave to look after your dog.

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Old 12-18-2006, 05:27 PM   #5
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So many people think I am crazy because I won't leave my dogs at night when I work all day and I feel horrible going anywhere on the weekends without my 2 dogs/children... It's nice to hear there are other people out there who think the way I do... Even though they have eachother, they need their Mommy and Daddy at night and on weekends.. I haven't even taken a vaction since my honeymoon 5 years ago because if I can't bring the dogs - I'm not going.... I can't leave them at a kennel.

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Old 12-18-2006, 08:41 PM   #6
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Like the other members said above a larger breed dog requires more exercise and with working that much and school it may be a little much. not saying it cant be done because i work 40 hrs a week myself but a lot of my free time is spent playing and walkin the dog so i dont get to go out as much as i used to but that also helps me save money . What do you think about english bulldogs? They wont require near as much exercise they are more laid back type of breed which could suit you better with being busy and what not. They are a smaller so would do well in an apt and they still have that masculine look. Plus as a bonus they seem to attract the ladies, must be all of those wrinkles.

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Old 12-19-2006, 07:23 PM   #7
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Hi Josh..just remember that a dog is a long term dedication..kinda like a wife..except no divorce lol

Just make sure that you think about any possible future plans that you have..and always consider where the dog will stand in those plans...the worse thing is buying a dog at a good time, and then two or three years down the road you realize you cannot take care of it anymore..or that the dog is getting in the way of other plans you wouldn't be fair to the dog, it wouldn't be fair to you..

Also, like everyone your research..pick a breed that will suite your living standards...your schedule..your exercise routines, your budget...and please, DO NOT buy from a pet store or backyard breeder...look for a rescue or check your local shelter..there are thousands of dogs waiting for a good forever home...and will be forever grateful

Good luck!

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Old 12-28-2006, 10:57 PM   #8
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Check out a Greyhound Rescue. Greyhounds are wonderful pet and don't require very much excersise. They make good apartment dogs because they are so laid back and rarley ever bark. You can find loads of information on the net.

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