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Default Breeding think twice before you do it.

He has dogs of decent stock and they are x rayed. However he has not shown them nor competed with them, he buys adult already competed with in a few cases. However he has 11 big dogs and this year he produced 2 litters a month apart from healthy but not really prooven stock so to say. The parents dont really hold any titles and are working german shepherds. He is now stuck with 8 pups and they are now 6 months old, he is overwhelmed with all the work and he's planning on having three litters next year. And he's trying to convince me that he's earning oney on this. He then mentioned that he has four that are getting to old age and getting issues, and I am pretty sure that that's gonna cost more in the long run than what he's getting for the pups. Esp then with food, vet costs etc for the pups as well.

I told him you have good dogs, do it the right way, get them out there, show them, compete etc with titles you will have good people fighting over them instead of now being stuck like this. But make sure you only breed the best of the best so to say.

I kinda feel he deserves it a little bit, cause he's trying to make a profiteable business of it and that irks me. He's better than the average byb but its so uneccessary with semi good dogs of working breed in my opinion. We have enough homeless dogs to go around so to say.

However, he's not as bad as some, his dogs are well cared for, walked, feed, brushed, sleep indoors in his house, the pups are in kennels though, but its warm and safe. So he do take care of them, and he dont breed on none ofa approved dog either so. But I still feel that he shouldnt be breeding pet quality dogs when there are so many homeless ones. and yes I have told him that to his face as well. BUt I rather guide him on the right way than just tell him he's stupid and walk away.

I think though that all the expenses and the ehavy work with all these dogs now is making him tink, at least I hope so. he told me today that he's feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed out with all the responsibility.

and this is why I leave breeding to the proos and just enjoy the dogs coming out of it
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Litters are hard to line up now, as I am hearing, even from some of the pros. There is one in our area with poodles who is having a hard time finding homes for hers, and they are even from titled lines.

So yes! I agree, GREAT care must be taken when breeding.
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Ditto to what Draco says
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totally agree.............. so many crossbred litters for sale at high prices. what happens to the ones not sold??pedigree pups too. think before you mate.
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