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Default breed for me?

i can't wait for in about two years, i will finally be in search of a dog. well, i own a chihuahua but it's also my sister's dog, i want my own dog that's mine. why in about two years? because by then, i should be on my own [an apartment with small yard] but the apartment i'll most likely be living in is smaller than the yard, the yard is a good size, the dog will be able to run well enough. we could play fetch or soccer. the apartment is very small, i stress that.

i at one point owned a welsh springer spaniel. i LOVED her to death. she was so affectionate, sweet, smart, easy to train, her energy was contagious, and all she wanted to do was be at my side, period. she was a bit protective which is what i really want: a feeling of being protected especially when jogging. i want that kind of dog again. so obviously, welsh springer spaniel is on my list for possible breed. she was like a 'velcro dog', always wanting to be close, i like that but at the same time i hope i don't have to worry about seperation anxiety.

i want a larger or medium sized breed, but not like a great dane. i am really adoring the doberman pinscher right now. i really want a jogging companion. maybe i'll be able to train the dog in agility, i did with my welsh and we loved it. but obedience is high priority. i would like to be able to train for the canine good citizen test, possibly obedience.but by the time i'll have an apartment, i'm going to be a college student, so i do need a relaxed indoor dog. i like them playful but not constantly wanting to distract me, so a level of independence is good especially in study/class time. i understand exercise plays a big role in a dog's behavior. i'm a quiet person but i can be assertive. i really want an affectionate dog.

i'll put a great effort in socializing because i have a little sister who's 8, and many of her friends are always coming over. and a dog okay with being in the car with me is nice too. i have a small yard. so a field i have access to will often be a car ride to get to. so frisbee and fetching will be another outlet we could resort to once or twice a week besides the jogging and backyard play. i live in a hot climate area, the dog must be able to handle hot temperatures.

but again, as a college student, i've got to have time to study. any recommended breeds to look at? i really love the doberman pinscher but i'm wondering if the exercise [jogging and backyard play] is enough and that my small apartment is ok for him. i don't want to be cruel. and i know it may be early to be researching but i feel it's best be prepared and to start saving my money.

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Hello & welcome to df. Here's a link to selectapet.

I can't really say what dog would suit you. The only one I can think of is a retired greyhound. They can be couch potatoes & sprinters. Not sure how they'd go in the watch dog category.

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A doberman would be fine if you wanted one. Just have to exercise them well. a friend of mine has one. Such a couch potato but at the same time loves hiking. We would take all the dogs out for 4 hour walks in the country. She did very well in socializing him and training him. When we moved she had just started to teach him to run beside a bike.
There are a lot that would fit what you would like though.

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Hi and welcome

There are a few breeds that might suit, I too like Dobies so I understand the appeal.

Are you looking at getting a puppy or would you consider a rescue?

If the latter, then sometimes just looking at the shelters and having a list of requirements to match can work better than going after a specific breed.

I was after a Doberman recently, I went to a shelter to look at one they had in. Unfortunately he wasn't suitable for me, but I ended up coming home with a Pointer who ticked almost all the boxes.

Rescue dogs can be a very fulfilling addition to a home, plus you get the nice feeling of knowing you've taken them from a kennel block and an uncertain future..and given them a chance at a happy life.

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