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Default Can breeders select against late onset health problems?

Was wondering if breeders work to increase the lifespan of their dogs, and more specifically if they try to breed dogs who will be healthy when they are older. My dog having an active, healthy adulthood is pretty high up on my list of qualities I want. How can a breeder try to minimize the health problems that don't appear until after breeding age, like arthritis or bloat?

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If you can find an established breeder that not only does health testing but one who has thoroughly researched the backgrounds and relatives of both parents and is extremely knowledgeable about the breed you'd have a shot at finding a healthy dog from a long lived line.

There are still many excellent breeders out there. And there are many breeders that would like to be excellent breeders. Some will be good breeders someday but others aren't willing to do the research that's involved in producing a line of long lived healthy dogs.

IMO if a breeder isn't well informed about the dogs in the generations behind the parent's they're not breeding for the welfare of the dogs.

There are no absolute guarantees even when a breeder does everything right. But the odds are greatly increased if that breeder has done their homework long before the breeding actually takes place.

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Really good breeders will keep track of the health of all related dogs. They will inquire into the health of siblings, parents, grandparents, and any other related dogs to their breeding animals that they can get information on. They will also keep track of the health and temperament of all the puppies they sell as they grow up. That way they can be reasonably sure they have a healthy line and take steps to improve it further. A breeder like that who has been breeding for awhile should be producing dogs that continually live longer and healthier lives. Preferably every breeder should be that way but many dont want to take the time and expend the effort or they just get too excited about a nice looking dog they want to breed and dont do the research into its past.

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