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Default Parent Clubs

Since we've already covered the Kennel Clubs we might as well discuss the parent clubs too.

Whenever someone asks about a specific breed either to purchase or rescue, I try to make it a point to send them to the parent club website.
I also try to point out that when purchasing a purebred dog, it's wise to talk to members of the PC first or members of the regional club who are usually members of the PC too.

The PC and it's members are the true guardians of the breed! The board of directors and their members are the ones who ultimately have the most influence on any breed. Ideally the board of directors is composed of long time dedicated breeders and competitors who have proven their dedication to the breed through their breeding programs and their willingness to mentor newcomers.

When a new breed is under development a panel of experienced breeders is chosen to write the standard. In most cases that standard isn't approved until it's voted on and approved by the membership. Any changes that may come about over the years must also be voted on and approved by the membership. That's just the first reason that I recommend that every breeder or competitor become involved in their parent club.

I've been fortunate enough to have the privilege of belonging to and working with one of the finest and most responsible parent clubs in the dog fancy. They've managed to pull the show and field element together in an era when naysayers said it couldn't be done. Just as importantly they've worked together to eliminate some health problems before they could gain a foothold in the breed. They've also managed to keep the breed free of many of the genetic diseases other breed suffer from. The studies never stop and never will under their guidance.

Not all parent clubs are created equal. But they could be if breeders and exhibitors would quit complaining, get off their behinds and get active.

There's much more to one's involvement in purebred dogs than winning ribbons. Or at least there should be! Sometimes taking an active role is a dirty job like caring for 300 stinking penned birds at a National field trial or spending the day digging tunnels for an earth dog test. Other times it's traveling long distances at your own expense to attend endless meetings that seem to be going nowhere. Or spending so many hours on the phone that the entire side of your head goes numb. But it's all worth it when realization sets in that by working together as one unit, the ultimate goal has finally been accomplished. And the breed you've devoted so much time and effort to is well on it's way to a better path than it was just a few short months ago.

Your might wonder what a parent club does other than write standards?
I'm sure I won't remember to cover everything but here are some of what I can come up with off the top of my head. They hold annual National show and field events, publish a code of ethics, breeders guideline's, send out health surveys, maintain a health data base, provide information on new medical breakthroughs. Most produce a monthly breed magazine filled with up to date news on the breed, valuable breed specific information as well as showcasing contributors to the breed, publish event results and dates and times of upcoming events and much more.

They even enforce the code of ethics when necessary! Many times exhibitors are heard to bad mouth a PC claiming it's a clique and making all kinds of wild accusations, usually ending with "I wouldn't' be a part of that PC if the paid me". Guess what! That individual isn't about to be paid since chances are their membership had been revoked for disregarding the code of ethics.

For anyone that has aspirations to become a breeder or exhibitor I can't suggest strongly enough that they become involved with their PC and their regional or local club. If it isn't the best, jump in with both feet and do your part to help make it the best

The same advice goes for someone planning to purchase a purebred puppy. If your breeder is one that says they wouldn't be a part of the parent club, dig a little deeper. You just might discover the reason they give isn't the reason at all.

For anyone that has been a member of a parent club or regional club that isn't up to par. Let's talk about it and see what can be done to fix it.

If you're breeding pure bred dogs and you don't belong to the parent club, you should! The future of the breed (any breed) depends tremendously on the actions of the breed cluds and their members. And the only way you can have your two cents heard is to be an active member!

ETA Last but possibly the most important. When purchasing a pure bred dog, your odds of getting the "perfect" dog to fit your requirements are tremendously increased when dealing with a breeder that is an active voting member of the parent club for the breed.

A well trained dog will make no attempt to share your lunch.

He'll just make you feel guilty while you're eating it.

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