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Old 05-24-2008, 12:23 PM   #1
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Default What breed? Companion and Guard

Next year I'll be moving to Bangkok where I will be attending University and possibly spending the rest of my life. I leave behind my beautiful Malamute, my dorky Dalmatian and my cheeky DSH tabby who will be sorely missed.

I'm planning to obtain one or two dogs. Mainly as companions since my Thai (even though I'm a native) is horrendous and it's so comforting to hug and talk to a pet.

If I get two, one will be my companion and the other will be more of a guard and family dog. If I only get one, it'll have to be a mix of both. I'll love to have a Malamute but the extreme heat there will be cruel.

Guard dog is essential as my family there are quite wealthy and my grandma is not on good terms with her ex husband (Who has tried to kill her once).

What I'm looking for in both dogs:
Intelligence - A mix of collie intelligence (blind obedience) and independent thinking and cheek of Malamutes (I find it endearing even though it can be a right pain)
Coat will be able to cope with the heat - German Shepards and Goldens seem to be able to stand the Bangkok summers pretty well
Temperament - Must be able to put up with 4 rowdy kids (who will be supervised and warned not to annoy the dog)
Loyalty and protectiveness - Won't be inclined to wander and will protect the home and family members
Size - I prefer large dogs, you can hug them properly and I love large dogs personalities and surprising gentleness

The companion dog will be my best friend. I plan to take it every where I go so it will learn to travel. I hope it will like water (since my Mal and Dal hate it...) I'm planing to clicker train it, teaching it obedience and would like to do agility trials with it. It'll sleep at the foot of my bed and will be wary of strangers. I'm going to love it to bits

The family dog must be a protector. It will get along with or tolerate the kids. It will be gentle with my grandma and will be taught not to be rough around her. It will also be loved by me but it will be shared with the family. It must be a large dog, around 40-50kg.

Both dogs will have plenty of room to run around in and must get along with each other. Breed does not have to meet all the requirements.

Breeds I'm considering:
First and foremost, German Shepard (my grandma loves these) Intelligent and highly trainable as well as protective
Doberman - Good guardians and I love their sleek look
Akita - Great guardians, loyal and protective but are as stubborn as a mule

I think that's all... Anyway, breed suggestions and some examples if you happen to own the breed I'm looking for.

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I would say get a mix of both. Well I mean even if you get a guard dog/guardian breed you still want them to be a companion and be a good dog right? I understand you also might want to get a companion breed too.

My main recommendation would be Cane Corso. I don't know if there is a breed to meet all your needs, but I think they would be a good fit.

They are intelligent but I'm not sure any dog will be collie/malamute/independent all into one. Basically they are smart as any dog and obedient. It takes consistency and some patience but they are not really hard or stubborn. They are very loving and want to please you, they want to make you happy. Use positive reinforcement. Don't scold because that really doesn't help. You can correct and say no, but don't get angry or upset. They are alert to things that are amiss but they are not big barkers. They will let you know if somethings wrong/out of place. Generally they are friendly with welcomed guest and want to make friends, but are defensive with those who are not friends.
They have a short coat, they can take the heat, it gets triple digits here. Some I know live in very hot/humid type climates. Heat stroke is a worry for almost any breed though if it is too hot, outside exerting themselves or without ample shade and no water. So its always soemthing to consider even with breeds that handle the heat well.
They are very loving with their family, they love everyone within the family kids included. Like any large breed they might knock down small kids by accident. They also like to paw so they will heat you with their feet and will do the same with children. They use their legs almost like arms and wrap their paws around things like hands. When raised with kids and brought up right though they are great with them. They are also more considerate and gentle with the smaller ones as they know what is proper. I think with how the kids sound they would be fine around a CC. They typically are pretty tolerant too, not easily annoyed they just love attention.
That is certainly them, they don't not typically wonder, they stick closer to home. They don't want to leave their territory. They bond closely with their people.
They are a large breed 90-110lbs, sometimes a little bigger or smaller. Most important is balanced, not exact weight.

Another breed that might fit would be a Boerboel. Compared to the CC they mature slower, are larger (typically not always, this might not be a big deal for you anyway), they seem to me that they have more health problems in general. Obviously a well bred one you're likely to not have health issues but there are certain problems popping up that there isn't exactly health testing for. They like a CC are not wanderers, again they will stick close to their home, not leaving. They are again defensive with strangers, won't allow intruders. When raised with children and taught the ropes they get along great. They are very sensitive, loving and gentle in nature. Just like CC. They love attention. I think training can be similar in style. They are sensitive so you need to be aware of that, no being too harsh. They also have a short coat and do well in the heat for the most part. Some with a shorter muzzle might not do great running a marathon or something but general activity in the heat doesn't seem to cause them any grief.

These others are breeds that I haven't owned but ones that you might consider Bullmastiff, maybe a Neo, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Dogue De Bordeaux, maybe even an American Bulldog. Some ABs can be a little DA and Neos can be too. So if you were getting another companion dog might not be a good fit.

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I would say a German Shepherd. They make the best companions and don't need training as guard dogs, they will protect their family at all times, this is a natural trait for them. Yet they are friendly, love children and need a job that can fulfill their lives. If you have a German Shepherd you only need one because of their versatility.

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Of course I am going to say the Intelligent natural Protector German Shepherd and not American ones either. Cannot beat them for being loyal, smart, loving, beauty and protection that comes naturally. Of course you can pursue that into Personal Protection but I find that is truly not necessary as they are highly intimadating when six or seven come at a car pulling in here. lol.

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Id say any of the big molosses, CC, presa, rottie... a properly trained rottie is exactly what you would need..
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I'd say a Dobe, mine's always at my side and will wake up from the deepest sleep and bark bloody murder if he hears an unfamiliar noise - ALWAYS. There's never a time when he's not on guard. I've always felt safe letting maintenance men in my house as long as he is there. He is a great protecter, and has never been trained in that area, that's just how he is. He is a big mama's boy too, he loves to be loved from the people he knows He's great with obedience, gentle with kids, loves to get lovn's, and is quite the looker.

He does not like water, or walking in the rain, but some dobes might like the water. I guess it depends on the individual doggie.

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Old 05-28-2008, 01:36 AM   #7
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I agree with Devon it sounds like you want a Doberman. I own five purebred Dobes and they are all great dogs. Males are especially "velcro" dogs as people call them. They love to be with you and are always ready to protect you. They are great with kids. They can be the biggest goof balls and clowns as well. Though also very smart and eager to learn. They love to be active as well but can also be found napping on the couch.

Personally I would go with a Doberman or a German Shepherd.

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I’m not exactly fond of the concept of guarding dogs. If you want protection, dogs cannot guarantee it. Nowadays they cannot do much but alert you, weapons can easily neutralize them and the risk the dog takes are not worth the job he can do. If you want protection, get an alarm system.
Aside from that, and from personal ideas, if you are looking for a dog with those characteristics, I would advice a Doberman too. Cane Corso is a great guardian too, plus it’s really gentle and easy to handle, but I’m not sure about it’s disposition to training and obedience… If you are looking for an easy to train, eager to work breed you should think about Doberman and White Swiss Shepherd. The white shepherd is very similar to German shepherd in character, but it’s generally calmer and easier to handle than a working line German shepherd.

PS: if you chose a Doberman, I would advice European lines, they are more work oriented.

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Originally Posted by Fede View Post

PS: if you chose a Doberman, I would advice European lines, they are more work oriented.
I forgot to mention this lastnight but I agree. My parents have bred German imported Dobermans for years. They do have more of a work and protection drive and tend to be a bit bigger. But there are a few lines based in the states that are pretty nice as well.

Though all my Dobes are poorly bred rescues they do all have that natural protectiveness about them.

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Have you considered an American Bulldog?

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