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Old 03-22-2008, 03:46 AM   #1
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Default What type of dog?

I am in the process of looking for a small dog. My last dog was a field spaniel x, which i had from rescue for 8 years. we lost her 10 years ago and have now come round to thinking we would like another dog but are thinking of a puppy as she did come with her problems.

Both my husband and i work, me only 4 mornings a week. I have been looking at different terriers and like Jack Russells, parson jack russells and have been very attracted to the Border/fell terriers?

Can anyone help me? what sort of temperment do these dogs have? do they train well? are they good family dogs? (only one teenage child)

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Hi Flowerpower and welcome to the forum.
Terriers have their own distinct type of personality - I describe them as "little stinkers." There is a longer description here
which I happen to enjoy because it was written with a sense of humor.
Whether a terrier would be the right dog for your family depends on your likes and dislikes really.
You might find the general descriptions of the breed groups (scroll all the way down)
helpful as a guide.
Hope this helps!
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The only problem with terriers is they like lots to do. the younger, the more time needed. Have you thought about getting a rescue dog that is older? an older dog wont be as time consuming

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Old 05-03-2008, 06:32 PM   #4
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Have you considered a greyhound? They are the most loving dogs. They dont need loads of exercise, they are such fabulous dogs and most of all there are so many needing homes when the racing industry has "finished" with them. I have 6 hounds living with me along with 2 boys and my husband and I would never have any other breed. They are the best and deserve a fabulous retirement. They are also a great breed who are quite happy being left for a few hours as all they want is a comfortable sofa.


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Ive had 2 JR, a rough coated one, and a smooth, the rough coated had the best temprement ever! fantastic dog, the short coated, totaly different, ended having him PTS at 3 as he turned nasty and badly bit my mum one day, both had been to training classes, and bought up the same,

got a sheltie now, great dog, but shes MAD, and a spanish Mastiff, shes laid back, but a great guard dog,

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I've always had spaniels, so i'm guessing you're used to a soppy idiot who loves everyone, lots of cuddles, playing with toys and food food food! Spaniels are great family dogs, would you not consider another?

With terriers, they're fine as long as you're aware what you're getting yourself into when you bring one home. I grew up in a farming area and everyone had JRTs to keep the rats out of the sheds, they were workers and not really pet material. They are bred to be aggressive to small furries and to be very tenacious and single-minded. If not correctly channeled with stimulation and exercise and very consistent training, then unfortunately a lot of the working type terrier breeds can become quite nippy and aggressive.

Of course this does not go for all terriers as each and every one has a different personality. But, in my experience most terrier breeds do have a higher propensity for aggressive behaviour, especially towards other animals than say a spaniel, lab or retriever. While the field/gundog breeds have had to be gentle and obedient to obey their masters in dangerous situations, terriers have been bred to independently tackle vermin and as such are not as biddable.

If you're serious about a terrier I would do a lot of research into the lines you get one from, making sure it is not a working bred line, especially if you want a gentle family dog. Terriers are great if you choose correctly, full of character and very entertaining.

It depends on what you want from your dog.

I'am chillin' with forum thanks Bigboy and Sheplovr!

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