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Default Current dog law in the UK

Hi there, what does everyone think of the current dangerous dog law in the UK? Do you think it needs changing, if so how should it be changed?

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Ooh, you've picked a very hot topic. Personally, I think that the whole system needs to be changed and a system of dog ownership certification needs to be brought in. I'm a firm believer in Deed not Breed, banning pitbulls has not stopped the dog attacks - its now Rotties that are the 'demon' in our society. When Rotties are banned, it will be something else. In my opinion, it is rarely ever the dog's fault - as a good breeder friend of our family once told us, there is no such thing as a bad dog, just bad owners.

I think that the way forward is to let responsible dog owners prove that they have the knowledge, skills and desire to care for, train and control their dog before they are allowed to have one. Most good breeders will give prospective puppy owners the Spanish Inquisition before allowing them to buy a puppy, and I am 100% behind this. It's the backstreet breeders churning out all these powerful breeds without a care to their future that need to be cracked down on.

Ridiculous sensationalism in the media is so far off track as to be utterly laughable, I don't know if you've seen what George Galloway MP has to say on it? here's a link to it (i think news article links are allowed?)

He wants to ban ALL terriers, and have all dogs muzzled and on leads at all times!

Don't get me wrong, I feel really sorry for people who have had to go through the events in the media, the poor children that have been killed by Rotties and Pits deserve justice. But these dogs weren't 'evil', they were untrained and allowed to be around children in this state. I was attacked by a GSD as a child, I was in a play park and it just appeared from nowhere, ran at me and attacked me. I was terrified, but it was the dog's irresponsible owner that was to blame. I am still very nervous of German Shepherds, but I would NEVER presume that all of them were as bad as this one. I look after the world's most soppy staffy, and the looks I get when I walk her (even on a lead) around a child can sometimes be terrible - lack of education is what's wrong.

Sorry about the long rant, I had an argument with someone about this just the other day and I'm still all fired up!

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I'm a firm beliver in deed not breed. It's getting us no where banning al these dogs. like the other dog owners on here i have met alot of staffies and rotties, and out of all the dogs i've met out and about i have only come across one staffie that i'm a bit worried about. But to see the owner with him you can see why the dog is the way he is. The others are great dogs.

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Hi there!
My dog is at the police kennels at the moment because what she looks like...
i had Coco for the past 4 months, I found her and gave her a home.
For the past month or so my boyfriend and I realize that the dog (described by police and vet as a staff x) did look bigger and a bit Pit bull.
we checked online what the way to find out if she had pit bull in her and if so how to make her legal.
Well...we were surprised to learn that if she fitted within a certain size-color etc she will be class as a pit bull type, and the only way to find out and make everything legal is the dog being seized by the police.

I believe that the law should let you approach the police, get an appointment with an expert, go through it and if the dog is a Pit bull type then go to court and all but
without the dog being in kennels all throughout the proccess.
It is expensive and traumatising for dogs and owners.
Someone I spoke to from a pet shop explained that he believed dog owners should be the ones tested to see if they are good owners and that some sort of license should be neccesary if you wanna own a dog.
sounds funny but it does make sense though...
people are the ones who abandon dogs
the ones who breed them for money (my dog had 8 litters of pups by previous owner)
the ones who misstreat them, make them fight for money etc
so I think to have some sort of dog responsible license might work?

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