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Default BSL in Australia

Add Australia to the list of countries passing breed specific legislation. They have banned dogs that they don't even have! As a matter of fact, they were one of the first to pass BSL. Interesting reading here:

Australia introduced one of the earliest forms of BSL with the banning of importation of German Shepherd Dogs from 1929 until 1974. This was based on an assumption they would mate with Dingos and create a super race of sheep killing canines. Australia also has a long history of muzzling the gentle and aristocratic Greyhound (the only country besides Northern Ireland to do so) and of requiring licenses for the ownership of our native dog, the Australian Dingo.

But wait, there's more! Stephen Collier is a Professor at the University of New England in Australia who has taken on the cause of fighting BSL by taking a hard look at the data and the laws. Even though not one single fatality there was caused by a "Pit Bull," they have been banned there.
Studies in the USA have indicated that the "pit bull" is responsible for a large proportion of human fatalities resulting from dog attack, but their data are flawed by methodological shortcomings. Data on frequency of dog attacks by breed in Australia reveal the pit bull terrier to be exceeded by several other breeds. Of about 14 human fatalities in Australia over the last two decades, none has involved a dog verified to be a pit bull terrier.
In Australia only one breed that actually exists here in significant numbers has been subjected to breed specific controls: the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT).
The USA experiences some 20 -30 human fatalities from dog attack each year,10,21 while for Australia the rate is about 0-2 cases per year. 20 The US fatality rate is, therefore, about double that of Australia. Thompson's 16 figure of 30,000 injuries matches this observation, though in light of other Australian studies it seems an extreme figure. This highlights the lack of knowledge surrounding the whole issue of dog attacks in Australia. Thompson's Adelaide data record the following percentages of injuries caused by specific breeds: German Shepherd 25.3%, Bull Terrier 13.6%, Cattle Dog 13.6%, Dobermann 11.7%, Rottweiler 9.1%. Breeds again were identified by people involved in the attacks, so they are not verified or reliable.
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