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Emma85 10-29-2007 11:42 AM

Hello, Best Breed for me?
Hi all

How do you possibly decide which breed is best for you?!!

Ive been wanting a dog for ages but not really sure what breeds to concider...

Any tips on where to start?


KatzNK9 10-29-2007 11:43 AM

I would go to and start researching different breeds. After finding some breeds that appeal to you, start researching breed websites for more info.

sheplovr 10-29-2007 11:51 AM

Hello Emma,
You will have to make that personal decision, but we can suggest some links for you to look at. I hope you can find one to rescue or adopt. Go to I have had this link on my web site. It will give plenty to read about and decide on. If you want a very small pet to medium to large. Sometimes the smaller ones take more exercise than the others. I have had Boston Terrier that required alot of daily exercise in the Terrier group, so u might want to ignore some of those.? There are many small ones if you decide that way that do not require alot of exercise. Some medium size dogs do not only ask for a daily walk. So, hopefully you find some dog there and also after reading up on some u might find to adopt one and save it? Good luck and hope you find a pal to keep you company for dogs sure do. I talk, sing to mine all the time, they are tons of company for me.

Emma85 10-29-2007 11:54 AM

Thank you for the links, I didnt really give you alot of info!

I have 4 cats so it must be a breed that will accept cats, We do both work during the day so the dog will be left for a few hours, walks will be first thing in the morning then a longer evening walk.

We live in a flat so probably a small / medium size dog would be best.

I would def be up for rehoming an older dog, i dont know if my cats would like a bouncy puppy taking over!

skunkstripe 10-29-2007 11:57 AM

Hi Emma and

If you want to know what type of dog is right for you, it helps to think about your lifestyle. Do you like being active outdoors a lot, or are you more of an indoor person? Would you enjoy brushing and grooming a dog, or would that annoy you? There are a lot of "breed selector tests" on the internet that help narrow down choices. They aren't perfect, but they do help you get started thinking about what questions to ask from a shelter or breeder where you might be getting a dog. Here are a couple more sites for you.

Pauline46 10-29-2007 12:44 PM

Shelties are good dogs and easily adaptable to most situations.

Doberman's 10-29-2007 12:54 PM

Hello Emma and welcome.

You need to decide first on how much time you have, how much exercise you can give and how large of a dog you want? Do you want a dog that need to run alot everyday ? Or would you like a dog that doesn't require as much exercise. Do you want a lap dog or a large dog? Do you want a short haired dog that doesn't require a lot of grooming or do you want a dog you can groom and play with their coat ? How much are you willing to spend on a dog? Have you considered going to a shelter or contacting a rescue to see what they have available ? Do you want a puppy or an adult dog ?

These are all questions you need to answer, then you can start to examine different breeds or go to your local shelter and look there. :)

Best wishes in your search.

Yellow Dog 10-29-2007 01:20 PM

There are multiple questions that I would ask:

~Do you have a yard?
~If so, is it fenced in?
~Do you have time to walk it/ give exercise time?
~What size dog do you want?
~What energy level?

melissa2007 10-29-2007 01:25 PM

Lots of great advice in the threads above.
just wanna say good luck in finding the right dog for you

Yellow Dog 10-29-2007 01:26 PM

A lab is a great family dog, and they tend to be good with other pets! I have two and they are so sweet!!!

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