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Old 09-10-2007, 01:15 PM   #1
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Default Age for stud?

My girlfriend and I have a pedigree male pekingese, however, we are unsure at what age he can start being used as a stud. can anyone offer any advice on what age it is possible to start him. He is nearly 1 year old and don't want to get him involved too young but at the same time some extra cash would be nice...

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Hello ngt01 and welcome to the forum.
Extra cash is always nice BUT....
If he is only one year old then presumably most of the important health tests will not have been done. Have you been keeping up with the health of his "relatives"? Are you certain that he has come from good breeding stock?
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Old 09-10-2007, 01:59 PM   #3
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I'm sorry, but there are lots more different ways to make "extra cash" than adding to the pet population. It is already way over the limit, and there is no need for you to add to it by breeding your dog to make money.

I'll leave all the tests & stuff to the breeders.

Please take this into consideration.

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Extra cash is one of the worst reasons to be breeding - have you had a look at the amount of dogs in shelters and rescues lately? Please don't add to their population - we already have enough backyard breeders not health testing and breeding irresponsibly.

So close to being cured...

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Agree with the aforementioned and would like to add that any responsible potential buyer will be asking you for the dogs history and health certifications not to be rude but since you are asking of what age it's safe to breed I would assume that you do not know this and do not have these .

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I agree with everything xcolbi, there are many other ways of making money without adding to the already huge dog population!

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Hello and welcome,
A good breeder will often lose money before making enough,to reinvest in their breeding.
RIP, my beloved Priska!.

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Are you aware that breeding your dog to just any female that comes along for a few dollars extra cash could wind up costing you a small fortune and endangering the health of your dog? Every dog used for breeding, both male and female should be tested for Brucellosis before every breeding!


Brucellosis is a disease caused by a bacteria, Brucella canis. It is found throughout the world. It is spread through contact with aborted fetuses and discharges from the uterus of infected bitches, during mating, through maternal milk and possibly through airborne transmission in some cases. The bacteria enters the body through mucous membranes and spreads from there to lymph nodes and the spleen. It also spreads to the uterus, placenta and prostate gland as well as other internal organs at times.

In female dogs, infection leads to abortion or early death of infected puppies. Infected females may have no other clinical signs. In some cases there may be decreased fertility rather than abortion. This may be due to resorption of fetuses early in their development.

In male dogs, infection of the testicles can lead to infertility due to anti-sperm antibodies developed as the body attempts to fight off the bacterial infection. The testes may atrophy after the initial period of swelling. Scrotal enlargement or infection of the skin over the scrotum may be seen.
In both female and male dogs there may be infection of spinal discs (diskospondylitis) which can cause back pain and rear leg weakness or even paralysis. Eye inflammation may be seen in either sex.

It is not usually possible to culture Brucella canis bacteria from the blood or affected tissues so diagnosis is usually done by titer testing. There is a kit available to veterinarians for testing in their office. It is usually best to retest any dogs found positive on this test with other testing methods since there is a fairly high rate of false positives using the in-house test kit. Brucellosis is very difficult to treat successfully. A combination of minocycline and streptomycin is thought to be most effective but is expensive. Tetracycline can be substituted for the minocylcine to reduce costs but also lowers the effectiveness of treatment. All infected animals should be neutered or spayed to prevent sexually related transmission. All infected animals should be considered to be lifelong carriers of the disease, even if treated.
For the rest of the article click on the following link.

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He'll just make you feel guilty while you're eating it.

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I agree with everything else said.........People should not breed for a bit of cash!!! I think you would be breeding dogs for the wrong reasons!!!!!


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Is this young dog of yours your family pet? If so- it is highly recommended that you do not breed him. Health risks out way the 'cash' value of a beloved pet any day. Not just humans have std's you know, and it costs a lot of money to get both of the dogs tested. If you think it is going to make him feel like more of a man, you are wrong. Dogs don't think like people do- he will be a much more loyal and healthy pet if you choose to neuter him than to breed him.

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