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PomeranianCrazy 04-24-2007 05:08 PM

Change Folding Username
I read the thread about folding and it said use your username that you have on the dogforum.

Is there any why to change your username...on the folding thing. I typed in my name under NAME, then when it said username, my name was already in there and i hit enter by mistake. Can anyone help?

borzoimom 04-24-2007 05:13 PM

yea I had this yesterday. If you open the screen, and then 'right click it' that then brings up a box - go to "configure- you will see the page that states the name. Change the name, apply, then okay.

PomeranianCrazy 04-24-2007 05:15 PM

Thank you Michelle...i did it!!

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