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Default "The test was bogus"

The practices in this article are so upsetting.. and I am strongly against "trainers" being allowed to come in and administer them. These types of test, because they are so crucial, need to be done my certified animal behaviorists...
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So true. One child bitten should not be a death sentence. It depends on the circumstance too.
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Ditto to what JGLI and Techie said.

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Totally Agree on this the test wasn't comprehensive enough all the dog did was follow the hand as the bowl was taken off the dog in question, it's a very flawed and should be more detailed, Sure RG of any nature should never be tolerated and in any circumstance! So very sad to read the demise of the mentioned dog. Cheers
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I use to watch Animal Cops on AnimalPlant. I can't recall what which show it was,but they often showed dogs being given these tests. Only a coupleof times did I see the dog viciously go after the fake hand pulling the food bowl away. Of course they didn't tell all the circumstances==if food had been with held from the dog for a while, what it's background was, etc.

I had a friend on one of the forums who lived just out of Chicago. He had a golden and then learned of another that was about to be put down becaue it had bitten their child in the face. Mike, not having children at home, and with his wife's approval took the dog. His dog, Jordan, and the new dog (he renamed it Peyton --can' you guess he was a sports fan) hit it off. Mike had trained Jordan to go get the paper from the yard in the mornings. Well, Peyton would run out with him and try to "help" bring the paper in and it would get torn. Mike resorted to folding and putting out the paper from the day before so each dog had one to bring in.

My hubby was a cross country trucker and he got to Chicago at le4ast once a month. Mike wanted to meet Jerry and gave me his number to give to Jerry--the truck stop where Jerry stayed was only 5 minutes from Mike and Maureen's house there in Joliette (not sure of spelling).

Was so funny because when I told our sons that Jerry was going to meet Mike and Mike planned to take him home to meet the wife and dogs the boys both said 'But you don't know anything about this guy. He could be a killer. Just because he has golden retrievers doesn't mean he is an okay guy" MEANWHILE Maureen was telling mike basically the same thing. But Mike Met Jerry--with Jordan and Peyton in tow, and the rest is history. Until cancer took Mike 3 years later, every time he was in Chicago, Mike and "the boys" came and got him and went and visited and ate with them. Mike took pictures of Jerry with "the boys" , etc.

When Jordan died, Maureen called to tell us, and then a year later she called to say that Peyton had bitten their grown son who had come to visit, bitten him twice. Peyton had always been just fine with adults, and had always loved attention from the grown son. The 2ed time was worse so Maureen had made the hard decision to put Peyton to sleep. No clue why he bit the son. The first time the guy was just sitting on the sofa and the dog came up and bit him, the 2ed time, Maureen had just opened the door and let him in and Peyton went after him. I guess there was some illness of the brain that caused this sudden turn around.

I hate to see a dog put down, but sometimes it can't be avoided. I do not trust that test they are talking about here. But I understand why they do it. They don't want to say a dog is fine with food, toys, kids, etc, adopt it it and it attacks the first kid that walks by it's food bowl. Or that is is great with other dogs or cats and the minute it gets to it's new home, it kills the little pom or a kitten,.

When tht German Shepherd jumped the fence and bit my son who was riding his bike in the middle of the street throwing papers on his paper route (he was 13) the doctor said for me to make sure it had had rabies vax. Naturally it had not, tho the woman lied--he had lost his collar with tags, the vet didn't give a certificate, it had been done in Houston by an unknown vet, etc,. I learned from the neighbors across the street from that house that Ron was 3rd child the dog had bit, the first a little girl riding her trike on the sidewalk, the next a little boy on a little bike with training wheels and then Ron. Ron was the fist to need stitches. We had the dog picked up and held..a rabid bat had just bitten a little girl a few days before not to far from where this happened. Then the dog got a 4th child--a friend of my son's visiting the mutual friend who lived across from that where the German Shepherd lived. Billy was sitting on his bike in Olvera's driveway when the dog jumped the fence and did a lot fo damaged to Billy's leg. In each case the doghad jumped the fence and bitten a child on a bike (the frist on a trike). That was one dog I wanted to see put down. Each child was bitten worse than the one before. The people put an extensionon the fence, and the dog still came over it. It was dangerous. It had something to do with bikes, that is clear, but no idea what.
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