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Default Digging craters the size of Utah.....ugh!!

It's been a while since I've been here so forgive me if this is redundant. Buddy the Bambino has progressed some. He has calmed down a little. Every so often I catch him chewing on something inappropriate but it's progress believe it or not. He will be two years old next month. He was going to doggy day camp twice a week which help burn off his energy. However, it became a huge expense and I recently cut back to one day a week. Over the last three days he's has dug two huge holes in the backyard. I don't mind the small holes where he buries his bones. Digging is what dogs do. I do believe they dig when they are bored is this correct? He gets two walks a day approx 2-3 mi and we play on and off all day retrieving balls. Help! any suggestions? I'm exhausted and frustrated. Robin and Buddy
Robin and Buddy the Bambino


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Here are a couple of links about dogs and digging:
How to Stop a Dog From Digging in the Yard - Petful
How Do I Stop My Dog From Digging Holes - Help! |
How to Stop a Dog from Digging: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

Hope these help. Good luck.

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Hi And welcome back As you know dogs are oppurtunists If they can seize a chance then they will! So you catch Buddy chewing on some thing there's no point scolding him, how ever teach him 'drop it' and redirect him with something more interesting to chew on. like a kong! Same applies if he is just about to chew on something call him away etc As for digging he is looking for something to do,so prehaps a little more time spent with him will help! Good luck and do keep us updated
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our Buddy digs too. he gets two walks per day, and we run him around the backyard a few times during the day, playing fetch or some other game. plus each of my kids is required to spend 15 min daily training him (practicing things like leave it, drop, stay, etc and sometimes they think up new tricks and games for him) and I have 5 kids so that's a bunch of time, plus I take him on one 'training walk' daily, usually only ten minutes but its really hard work for him so it tires him out. also, we homeschool, so we are home a LOT and he gets tons of attention.
with all of that, whenever I send him out to the yard, he will do his business and immediately start to dig. he's fast, too. before you know it, the hole is half way to china. if we are out with him we redirect him, but I dont leave him out alone because he will tear up the yard in no time at all.

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Our Great Pyrenees Moose and our Golden Retriever Sophie both di--but they dig a hole and then lie in it! They have dug under the hibiscus and under the cedar tree. She digs deeper holes than he does. Luckily they do not just dig in the yard.

I made a post on facebook about Sophie having dug this hole under the hibiscus and I made her come in and when I started to go out and fill in the whole there were two Chinese men in the yard. They didn't speak English and I don't speak Chinese, but I did make them understand they had to go in that hole they had come up thru. Would you believe one lady posted something to the effect "I thought you had locks on your gate. How did those men get into your yard." She didn't catch the joke.

This is Sophie in her "keep cool hole" under the hibiscus
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Be glad the hole isn't the size of California, Texas or Alaska
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That is my favorite saying to Bonnie. "Are you trying to dig to China?"

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None of my dogs have ever been real diggers but both Chessie and Cheynie had an odd habit of digging like mad on the tile floor in the bathroom! As I lost Chessie before I got Cheynie, they never met each other yet both insisted on digging in the exact same spot on the bathroom floor like maniacs, made me wonder if there was a body buried under there or something
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