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Default Training my dog to go outside

Hello everyone. I am new to the forums and have been reading some of the posts on here and I'm really hopeful and excited at the idea that maybe some of you will be able to share some knowledge with me that will improve my relationship with my dog. Allow mo to elaborate and maybe I can get some more solid advice.

Bailey is a very healthy and active one year old female beagle. We live in Cancun, Mexico. We go out for walks twice a day. At least 45-60 mins in the morning and at least 30-45 mins in the evening. Given where we live, it's impossible to go out between 9am and 4pm; it's simply too hot for her. However, no matter how much time she and I spend outside she WILL NOT go either pee or poo outside. I can tell when she's drank too much water during our outing (I always bring one of those doggie water bottles with me) and she wants to pee because she will start tugging her leash and trying to pull me in the direction of the house but even if I stay outside with her she will hold it in. In the 11 months we've had her (we only brought her home at 6 weeks) she's gone poo outside twice. Both times she had a bit of an upset stomach from eating our house's plant so I'm guessing those were more accidental than intentional.

We used to live in a different home where we had a patio on the back and that's where she'd go during the day. At that point we paid no attention to it and just let it happen since she was at least not doing it inside the house. But the problem now is that we moved to a much nicer condo with no patio, only a small balcony (where she goes most of the time) and frankly I'm sick of not being able to use my balcony because she's adopted it as her toilet. Another problem is that when she squats to pee some of it will get on her back paws and then she brings it inside the house and onto the couches and the floors (we have no carpets here).

She is also quite temperamental and will pee and poo in the middle of the living room if we don't pay attention to her.

After reading through this and other sites, I am well aware that her problem was caused by my girlfriend and myself in not enforcing her to go potty outside so I'm not interested in being reminded of it but more on ways to correct it! Also, I'd love to get someone to train her but the only trainer I've met with here in Cancun was recommending using a shock collar to stop her from barking so I'm not too keen to trust her training to him. Heck, I even stopped taking her to the vets office this guy used to work out of!

In any case, thank you very much for taking the time to read through this post and for whatever advise you might give me. Please let me know if there is any more relevant information you'd like to have about Bailey or our routine and ill be happy to provide so I can have better advice.

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Hi and welcome to the forum. It sounds like your beagle has previously learned to eliminate on a surface that is no longer available to her, and she is now confused as to where you want her to go. If you want to change this, you will need to go right back to scratch and treat her as you would a new puppy until she has learned a new habit.

During this retraining phase, you will need a confinement area where she can be left unsupervised and will not be tempted to eliminate. Is she currently crate trained? If not, then this is what I would suggest you do. The new regime needs to be that like a tiny puppy she is actively supervised 100% of the time she is loose in the house. When you are not able to actively supervise, she must be in her crate or other confinement area. Now there is absolutely no opportunity to eliminate in your home without you noticing.

You will need to take her outside to the area you want her to eliminate regularly, and especially when she first wakes up, comes out of the crate, or after food. Take her out, encourage her to sniff around. If she does eliminate, praise and offer a food reward, then take her back indoors. If not, simply pop her back in her crate and try again in another half an hour.

When loose inside she MUST be supervised. Close doors or use child gates, or a long tether, or a lead attached to you, to make sure there is no way for her to sneak out of sight. If she starts to show signs of being about to eliminate, give her a verbal 'uh uh' and whip her quickly outside. If she eliminates outside, praise and reward. It's all about timing, so if you weren't paying attention and she eliminated indoors without you noticing, you have slipped up and set your training back - don't be tempted to punish the dog even though this is frustrating.

I would continue to take her on her walks as usual, sounds like a great schedule, only issue seems to be the house training.

Your new strict supervision regime isn't forever, she can eventually regain much more freedom in your home, but it will take some time to establish a new routine.

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Wizo, welcome to the Forum! Kaos gave you excellent advise. Please keep us updated on how your pup is doing!

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