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Exclamation Does anyone live in Chile? We need help!

I live in Santiago Chile, and we have a pretty big dog housing problem here. There are a lot of strays walking about. Those are actually pretty well off on their own. Most have evolved to be good wild dogs and form packs and defend their territories. However, the domestic dogs often get discarded or lost. Adoption organizations and shelters here are non-existant and general dog care and education is extremely poor. In rich neighborhoods people have fancy pocket dogs, but in the middle class areas and lower income areas people get big male dogs, put them on a short chain and expect them to guard the house without any training. What ends up happening is we have a whole city full of chained up, angry, hungry, confused, not fixed male dogs. When they escape they breed. That leeds to more homeless puppies. No one here, and I am not exaggerating, will take a female pup, especially if it's a smaller size breed. Those end up roaming the streets or dying.
I have, in the year and half that I've lived here, adopted one street male dog, and one female pup whom I had to nurture back to full health (she was starving and badly hurt). I have painstakingly housed a few other dogs, put a very old suffering dog to sleep, provided veterinary care, including surgery, for several hurt street dogs, and am currently trying house a couple of dogs who once had homes and are now lost. I do my part, but it is not nearly enough.
If anyone lives here in Santiago, or knows people who live here, let's try to change this rotten pattern. People here turn the other way and ignore the ugly side of the dog situation. When I post pictures of a dog looking for a home I get hundreds of "awwwww... she is so cute, I wish could take her" replies and then I see the same people going to pet stores and paying money for puppies when I have them to give away.

Small steps, people. I can't change this city right away, but I sure as hell have to try to steer it in a better direction.

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Good luck in your in your efforts. It is so sad in countries that do not take care of their dogs. May God bless you and your work.

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Ditto what Dunbar's Mom said.
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Does Chile have an aspca-type organization? If so, you may want to consider trying to partner with them and organize a rescue/transport situation. Many islands in the Caribbean have very similar stray, homeless, semi-homeless, and feral dog problems with a huge overpopulation problem due to nascent acceptance of spay/neuter programs. The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, and Puerto Rico are just three examples. Local organizations have arisen to address this sad problem and work with the humane society or spca and are seeing success. Tourists and those leaving the islands for vacation are recruited to courier puppies to waiting homes in the US and Canada or to shelters and rescues that are able to find homes for these wonderful dogs. The pups travel by air in the cabin with the courier in carriers according to the rules of the airlines. They are then met at the airport by either the adoptive family or by a volunteer who picks up the puppies and takes them to the receiving shelter or rescue. I am currently working with TCSPCA and will be picking up two such puppies this evening. These groups also conduct local fund-raising efforts to raise money for no-/low-cost spay and neuter programs on the islands and often volunteer vets from Pets Without Vets assist and for educational programs to inform the local population of the critical need for spay and neuter programs and responsible pet ownership. As I mentioned, my own dog is a product of this system and would likely be dead on the side of the road or starving in the street were it not for the efforts of such organizations. You might want to contact one of the organizations below for guidance on how you can assist or help develop such a program.
Saving Santiago's strays - Matador Network
Making Strides for Street Dogs in Chile : Humane Society International
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Thirded what Dunbar'sMom said so sad, it sounds like a education programme is badly need in this country along with the SPCA's help if there is organisation like this in Chile I wish you every success with this project Please keep us updated on what transpires please!
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Originally Posted by Dunbar's Mom View Post
Good luck in your in your efforts. It is so sad in countries that do not take care of their dogs. May God bless you and your work.
Dunbar's Mom, well said.

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adoption, chile, dogs, homeless

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