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Default Some of my OTB dogs

I became a dog owner for the first time about 17 years ago. Didn't know the first thing about dogs, but learned fast when we went from zero to 5 in about a year. All of these lived together and enriched my life tremendously. By the time we adopted the fifth dog, we were fully entrenched in a true dog pack and it was fascinating.

Our first was an abused dog that we found on the side of the road. It took over a year to bring Ellie Mae around, but she became our alpha and graced our presence for 12 years. Here she is after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and her 30 day prognosis turned into 18 months due to the extra pampering we gave her:

Our second dog was Jethro - we needed to get Ellie Mae a friend and actually looked for a dog that we could call Jethro. He was big, ate anything you put in front of him and bless his heart wasn't the brightest. But he was loyal and watched over our household of dogs and cats. We lost him to a spinal disorder at age 10:

Our third dog was Nita (native American for little bear). A pound puppy who had obvious genetic problems. We had her first spinal x-ray at 10 months old and lost her to a severe spinal disorder before she turned 4. She loved to climb over the fence and go swimming in the pool while we were at work and would climb back over to "her" side when we pulled in the driveway. We'd find a trail of water out of the pool and over the gate and she'd be sitting on the other side all wet, smiling and wagging her tail. How could you get mad at her?

Our fourth dog was a huge Greyhound named Doug (from the Far Side cartoon "Beware of Doug". He was trained for the track but was too dominant and large (95 pounds) to race. What a diamond in the rough! He came to us thinking he was alpha over my husband and it only took one little "discussion" between them to turn him into the best dog ever. We could count on a good run from him after he pooped and we actually mowed a track in the back yard for him to run on (we had 10 acres). We lost him to bone cancer at age 6:

And last but not least is my cuddly Greyhound Tyler. Tyler was abandoned in a cage with his littermates when he was about 2 months old. He was rescued and sent to a vet school for about 3 months to recover from the malnutrician he suffered in the cage. We adopted him at 6 months old and found out he had serious bone growth issues because of his early trauma. Had had one of his legs restructured when he was 2 years old (we had to wait for him to grow to full size before doing the surgery) and it took a year for him to recover from that surgery. He was the sweetest boy, loved his stuffed animals (he had the same one for 10 years) and was oblivious to pain. We lost him to bone cancer at 10 years.
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Thanks for sharing the pics and stories of your wonderful & obviously well-loved dogs. I'm so sorry about your losses but I do hope your many happy memories of them often bring smiles to you.
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Thanks for sharing those photos and stories with us. So sorry you lost them.

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Boy-oh-boy bless you Momofmany I am so happy that someone who has such a deep love of dogs (and cats!) as you has found us!
Someday you are going to be reunited and I bet you get mowed down by all that canine love at the Bridge!
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Wow, thanks for sharing the pics and stories with us. I can feel your love for animals threw the computer. You sound like a wonderful caring animal lover!
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Aww, Ive been admired and hugged!

Thanks Kay for the beautiful sigpic!

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Thanks for sharing. You have a great love for the fur babies you rescued & their problems.Amd the beauties they were.
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Welcome to the forum You're dogs were all lovely. I'm sorry for your losses.
Thanks Kay, for the BEAUTIFUL siggy
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good dog, but it won't buy the wag
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